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FHWA Order 3902.4

  ACTION: Cancellation of Outdated FHWA Directives
Date: November 8, 2004
From: Michael J. Vecchietti
Associate Administrator for Administration
Reply to Attn. of: HAIM-12
To: Mary E. Peters
Federal Highway Administrator


Attached for your approval is a listing of outdated FHWA directives that need to be formally canceled since they have become obsolete and/or are no longer required.

The outdated documents consist of 4 orders, which are the Agency's internal directives that issue permanent or long-term policy and procedures. Since the orders on the attached listing were originally signed by the Federal Highway Administrator, we are requesting your approval to cancel them. Following your approval, these outdated directives will be deleted from the current directives inventories effective the date of your signature, and they will be moved to the "cancelled" section of the directives web site.


Signature: Mary E. Peters
Mary E. Peters
Federal Highway Administrator

November 16, 2004
Buckle Up America


FHWA Orders To Be Cancelled

The following FHWA orders are being formally cancelled because they are obsolete and are no longer required:

FHWA Order 2-1.2, Joint FHWA/NHTSA Communications, dated December 20, 1972.

FHWA Order 3902.3, Occupational Safety Inspections and Abatements, dated May 5, 1978.

FHWA Order 4400.2, Acquiring Commercial or Industrial Products and Services, dated May 15, 1981.

FHWA Order 4230.1, Federal Highway Administration Internal Energy Conservation Programs, dated September 15, 1980.

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