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This order was canceled on January 6, 1994.

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N 5600.9
January 7, 1991

  1. PURPOSE. To transmit a completely revised "A Guide to Reporting Highway Statistics" (OMB Control Number 2125-0032) [SEE PRINTED COPY OF NOTICE FOR A COPY OF THE GUIDE] which provides procedures for preparing the various highway statistical forms submitted by the States to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

  2. CANCELLATION. FHWA NOTICE N 5600.8, "A Guide to Reporting Highway Statistics," dated January 24, 1986, and Change 1, dated October 9, 1987, are canceled.


    1. The revised Guide clarifies the instructions for the forms that have not changed and revises instructions for those forms that have changed. The more significant changes include:

      1. (1) Provisions for reporting motor fuel use by interstate motor carriers on Forms FHWA-551M and FHWA-556 have been changed to reflect the interim instructions distributed by memorandum of December 8, 1988.

      2. (2) Reporting of driver licensing data on Form FHWA-562 has been revised to delete references to junior licenses and to incorporate changes in the age groupings used to stratify the data.

      3. (3) Reporting of State taxation of motor carriers on Form FHWA-571 has been changed to reflect adjustments to the descriptions of the various types of motor carrier taxes.

      4. (4) Alternative instructions have been provided for the reporting of local government capital outlay data on Form FHWA-534 at a lower level of detail.

    2. Forms FHWA-534, FHWA-551M, FHWA-556, and FHWA-571 have been revised as described above. Previous editions of these forms should not be used. All forms are being printed and supplies will be distributed separately to the FHWA field offices.

  4. ACTION. The procedures included in the revised Guide should be followed in preparing calendar year 1990 data submittals. Revised reporting forms should be used upon receipt.

  5. DISTRIBUTION. Copies of the revised Guide are being distributed according to the basic distribution list as amended by requests for additional copies. Division offices are asked to distribute the copies to the State highway/transportation agency and other State agencies as appropriate. A limited supply of the Guide is available from the Office of Highway Information Management, Highway Funding and Motor Fuel Division (HPM-10).

David R. McElhaney
Director, Office of Highway
Information Management

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