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FHWA Order 1500.9, Change 1

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Relocation Policy Supplement
Classification Code Date Office of Primary Interest
1500.9, Change 1 January 12, 2012 March 1, 1999

  1. PURPOSE. To transmit a change to the Federal Highway Administration Relocation Policy (FTP) Supplement.

  2. 2. BACKGROUND. This change sets forth FHWA policy regarding Tour Renewal Travel (Home Leave).

  3. 3. FILING INSTRUCTIONS. Make the following page change:
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  4. 4. DISTRIBUTION. This change to the FTP will be distributed throughout FHWA and posted on the FHWA's Home Page.

Original signed by:
George S. Moore, Jr.
Director of Administration



Subpart A--New Appointees and Transferred Employees

§302-1.3 General Provisions

     (a) Travel Covered--(1) Mandatory Coverage.

     (i) Within FHWA, relocation benefits shall not be payable where the relocation is clearly for the convenience of the employee. Such instances shall include, but not be limited to:

On a case-by-case basis, this prohibition may be waived if it is determined that the relocation will provide significant benefit to FHWA. Authority to approve relocation benefits in these instances shall lie with the Director of Administration, HAD-1.

     (b) Within FHWA, transferees will be provided with a minimum of 90 days to report to the new duty station after notification of transfer. Exceptions to this provision shall be in accordance with FTR 302-1.3(b)(1-3).

     (i) In those instances where operational necessity requires that a transferee report in less than 90 days, the gaining office may issue a temporary duty assignment (TDY) to the transferee. The period of TDY would be the accelerated reporting date to the end of the 90 day period. Funding for the TDY would be from the gaining office's general travel funds. In these instances, a househunting trip shall not be authorized.

§302-1.5 Service Agreements

     (a) Within FHWA, all transferees shall be required to sign Form FHWA-2, Continued Service Agreement for Change of Official Duty Station in Continental United States (See Exhibit 3). This form must be submitted prior to receiving a travel authorization and/or reimbursement for any relocation expenses.

§302-1.12 Overseas Assignment and Return

     (c) Actual place of residence designation.

     (1) Designation by employee. Where the Director, Office of Human Resources, or his designee, has determined that an entitlement to home leave exists, the employee shall designate, in writing, the place of actual residence, or home of record. The home of record must be:

     (i) the place where the employee actually resided at time of selection, or

     (ii) a place where the employee maintains close familial or other friendly relationships, or

     (iii) any other place if justified by the employee and approved by FHWA (see FTP 302-1.12(c)(2) below).

     (2) Determination by agency official. Within FHWA, determination of the home of record shall be made by the Director, Office of Human Resources, or his designee, with concurrence from the Director, Office of Budget and Finance, orhis designee.

§302-1.13 Overseas Tour Renewal Agreement Travel

     (a) Eligibility. Within FHWA, the purpose of home leave shall be to provide employees and their families an extended period of time in which to become reacquainted with their native culture after completion of a tour of duty in a foreign or non-foreign post of duty (except as provided in FTP 302-1.13(a)(3) ) and before commencement of a subsequent tour in a foreign or non-foreign post of duty. Home leave shall not be granted solely for vacation purposes. Where the Director, Office of Human Resources, or his designee, has determined that home leave shall be used as a recruitment and/or retention tool, a separate determination shall be made to ensure that the selectee meets the eligibility criteria contained herein. Factors to be considered should include, but not be limited to:

If the record does not support a finding that the granting of home leave will provide an opportunity for the employee and/or his immediate family to become reacquainted with their native culture, no entitlement to home leave shall exist.

     (3) Employees assigned, appointed, or transferred to a post of duty in Alaska or Hawaii after September 8, 1982. Unless determined by the Director, Office of Human Resources, or his designee, to be a recruitment and retention tool, FHWA will not grant home leave in connection with a change of station to Alaska or Hawaii. The decision to grant home leave shall be made on a case-by-case basis and must be specifically included in the written job offer. This provision shall apply to transfers that occur on or after February 1, 1999.

§302-1.16 Procedural Requirements-This section has no corresponding FTR reference.

     (a) Service Agreement. Where eligibility for home leave is determined to exist, the employee shall sign Form FHWA-127, Standard Conditions of Employment For U.S. Citizens Stationed At Overseas Posts, and shall designate the home of record as required in FTP 302-1.12. This form shall be forwarded to the Director, Office of Human Resources, or his designee, for determination as provided in FTP 302-1.12(c)(2) and shall become part of the employee's official record.

     (b) Reimbursement. The employee shall be allowed travel and transportation allowances subject to the provisions of FTR 302-1.13(b).

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FHWA ORDER 1500.9 - Travel Relocation Policy Supplement

Signature: Victor M. Mendez, Administrator

Victor M. Mendez

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