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FHWA Order M1100.1A

FHWA Delegations and Organization Manual
Classification Code Date  
M1100.1A May 7, 2007



Chapter 16 (Resource Center, Federal-aid Division Offices, and Directors of Field Services)

Map of the Resource Center

Section 1. General.

  1. The FHWA Resource Center has offices in five locations: Atlanta, Georgia; Baltimore, Maryland; Lakewood, Colorado; Olympia Fields, Illinois; and San Francisco, California. The Resource Center has two primary customers – the Federal-aid division offices and the Headquarters offices.

  2. There are 52 Federal-aid division offices (one in each State, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico). The division offices are generally located in the same city as the State department of transportation, which is usually in the State capital. In addition, jointly with the Federal Transit Administration, the FHWA operates metropolitan offices in four cities (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New York, New York; Chicago, Illinois; and Los Angeles, California), which are extensions of their respective division offices.

  3. The three Directors of Field Services (DFS), who are part of the Executive Director's office, provide administrative supervision and leadership on strategic initiatives to their constituent Federal-aid division offices. The DFS-West provides administrative supervision and leadership on strategic initiatives to the FHWA Resource Center. The DFS-North is the U.S. DOT Regional Emergency Transportation Coordinator (RETCO) for DOT Region 5 and in that capacity supports DOT crisis planning, training, and response programs.

Section 2. Resource Center.

  1. The Resource Center Director and the Resource Center Operations Manager are responsible for the leadership and day-to-day operations of the Resource Center. The FHWA Resource Center supports the FHWA's State-level Federal-aid division offices throughout the country in the Federal-aid division offices' primary role of program delivery to FHWA's partners and customers. With regard to the Federal-aid division offices, the Resource Center provides leadership on strategic initiatives; expert assistance on technical, process, and program issues; training; and technology transfer. The Resource Center does not exercise program control or approval. With regard to the Headquarters offices, the Resource Center supports them regarding technology and innovation deployment, agency initiatives, and policy development.

  2. The FHWA Resource Center has 12 virtual Technical Service Teams (TST) that are each headed by a Team Leader and comprised of national technical specialists. While each Resource Center location has two to three TST's assigned, a presence of each discipline is maintained in most of the office locations. The names of the TST's are as follows:

    1. Safety and Highway Design TST
    2. Operations TST
    3. Pavements and Materials TST
    4. Construction and Project Management TST
    5. Structures TST
    6. Geotechnical and Hydraulics TST
    7. Environment TST
    8. Planning TST
    9. Air Quality TST
    10. Civil Rights TST
    11. Finance Services TST
    12. Innovative Finance TST

    In addition to the TSTs, the Resource Center has the following teams that provide support to the Agency and/or the Resource Center: Information and Management Team, Marketing and Communication Team, and Administration Team.

Section 3. Federal-aid Division Offices. Federal-aid division offices, each headed by a Division Administrator, provide front line Federal-aid program delivery and assistance to partners and customers in highway transportation and safety services, including but not limited to, planning and research, preliminary engineering services, technology transfer, real property acquisition and management, bridge expertise, highway safety, traffic operations, environmental support, design, construction, asset management, and civil rights. The FHWA operates, jointly with the Federal Transit Administration, four metropolitan offices which are extensions of the respective division offices. These offices provide assistance, guidance, and information regarding Federal transportation programs to local, State, and other Federal agencies in these metropolitan areas.

Map of the United States showing the state outlines and the FHWA Resource Center offices five locations: Atlanta, Georgia; Baltimore, Maryland; Lakewood, Colorado; Olympia Fields, Illinois; and San Francisco, California.<
Figure 16-1

Note: There are fifty-two Federal-aid division offices (one in each State, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico).

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