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FHWA Order M 1100.1.A

FHWA Delegations and Organization Manual
Classification Code Date: Office of Primary Interest
M 1100.1A, Chg. 15 July 7, 1998 HAIM-10

  1. PURPOSE. To issue revised pages to the FHWA Delegations and Organization Manual.

  2. EXPLANATION OF CHANGES. This change primarily involves the transfer of the Pan American Institute of Highways (PIH) Headquarters function from the National Highway Institute (NHI), Office of Safety and System Applications, to the International Cooperation Division, Office of Policy. This transfer involves an associated move of one full-time equivalent and responsibility for coordinating the work of the contract staff and any loan staff. A number of minor revisions are also included. The Introduction and Part II (Organization and Functions) are amended as follows:

    1. Part II (Organization):

      (1) Chapter 3 (Office of Policy):

      (a) Section 4 (Office of International Programs), paragraph 4e, is added to reflect that the office provides Headquarters functions for the PIH.

      (b) Section 4b (International Cooperation Division), paragraph 4b1i, is revised to reflect Headquarters functions to be performed for the PIH, including coordinating work performed by the contract staff and loan staff.

      (2) Chapter 6 (Office of Safety and System Applications):

      (a) Section 5 (National Highway Institute), paragraph 2f, is revised to delete wording that the office provides Headquarters functions for the PIH, and to add wording that the office will administer a PIH Technology Transfer Center.

      (b) Section 5b (University-Industry-International Programs Division) is revised as follows:

      1. Paragraph 1j deletes wording that the division serves as the Headquarters for the PIH, and adds wording that the division maintains a PIH Technology Transfer Center.

      2. Paragraph 1k, concerning directing and supervising the contract and loan staff in the administration of the PIH program, is deleted.

    2. Several minor technical and grammatical revisions are also included in this change and are reflected by a change line in the manual text but are not listed here. In addition, the Introduction (paragraph 5a), which describes the Headquarters organization, is updated to reflect the current organization title for the Office of Program Quality Coordination.


Kenneth R. Wykle
Federal Highway Administrator

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