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FHWA Order M 1100.1.A

FHWA Delegations and Organization Manual
Classification Code Date: Office of Primary Interest
M 1100.1A, Chg 31 May 12, 2003 HAIM-10

  1. What is the purpose of this change?
  2. Which parts of FHWA Order M 1100.1A are being updated?
  3. Where can I get additional information concerning these changes?
  1. What is the purpose of this change?
    1. The Office of Operations has realigned its offices’ functions to improve the delivery of Operations programs, products, and services.  Some of the more substantive changes to the Manual are as follows:
    2. (1)     The mission and functions statement for the Office of Operations is revised to reflect its role in intelligent transportation systems (ITS) deployment in the area of highway transportation. 

      (2)     The Office of Operations Technology Services is abolished and its activities are reassigned to other Operations offices, e.g., internal professional development activities are assigned to the individual Operations offices, and administrative, policy support, and strategic and performance planning functions are transferred under the Associate Administrator for Operations’ office. 

      (3)     The Office of Travel Management is retitled as the Office of Transportation Management, and assumes responsibility for:  Operations asset management; coordination of non-freight legislative initiatives within the Office of Operations; and the development of technology applications, products, and practices to improve routine and emergency travel management relating to highway capacity analysis, traffic flow, and access management.

      (4)     The Office of Transportation Operations assumes responsibility for all public safety and security activities within the Office of Operations, including traffic incident management and emergency preparedness. 

    3. In an unrelated change, the introductory narrative is revised to identify the Director of Field Services-West as the Regional Emergency Transportation Coordinator (RETCO) for DOT Regions 5 and 7, and the Division Engineer for the Federal Lands Highway Central Division as the RETCO for DOT Region 8.

  2. Which parts of FHWA Order M 1100.1A are being updated?  The following sections and chapters are revised, i.e., the Introduction and Part II (Organization and Functions), i.e., Chapter 1 (General), Chapter 5 (Office of Operations), and Chapter 7 (Federal Lands Highway). 

    1. Chapter 1 (FHWA organization chart only) is revised to reflect the Office of Operations’ new structure.

    2. The Introduction and Chapter 7 are revised, as applicable, to identify those FHWA positions serving as RETCOs.

    3. Chapter 5, including the Operations organization chart, is revised to reflect the realignment of the Office of Operations’ functions. 

  3. Where can I obtain additional information concerning these changes? If you have questions about these changes, you may contact the Office of Information and Management Services, Management Programs and Analysis Division.
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