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Subject: INFORMATION: Formal Policy on the Use of Recycled Materials Date: February 7, 2002
From: Frederick G. Wright, Jr.
Executive Director
Refer To: HIPT
To: Core Business Unit Managers
Service Business Unit Directors
Directors of Field Services
Division Administrators
Federal Lands Highway Division Engineers

For your information and use, we have attached our formal policy on the use of recycled materials in highway applications. The policy outlines the importance of re-using materials previously used in constructing our Nation's highway system, and calls upon us, and the State transportation departments, to explicitly consider recycling as early as possible in the development of every project. In addition, the policy acknowledges that recycling will not be appropriate in all cases, and provides guidance for making that determination.

The implementation of this policy will support our strategic goals of preserving and enhancing the human and natural environment, increasing mobility, raising productivity, and improving safety. Moreover, the new policy has the potential to strengthen the relationship between FHWA and the Environmental Protection Agency, and to forge new partnerships among government, industry, and academia. By providing leadership and technical guidance to the transportation community, FHWA will stimulate advancements in recycling technology and the discovery of new opportunities for the appropriate use of recycled materials.

For additional information or clarification, please contact Byron Lord, in the Office of Pavement Technology at (202)366-1325.

  Signature: Frederick G. Wright, Jr.
Frederick G. Wright, Jr.
Executive Director

FHWA Recycled Materials Policy

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