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This MAP-21 fact sheet has been superseded by a FAST Act fact sheet.

Federal Lands Access Program

Year 2013 2014
Authorization $ 250 M $ 250 M

Program purpose

The Federal Lands Access Program (Access Program) provides funds for projects on Federal Lands access transportation facilities that are located on or adjacent to, or that provide access to Federal lands.

Statutory citation(s): MAP-21 §1119; 23 USC 201, 204

Funding features

Funded by contract authority from the Highway Account of the Highway Trust Fund. Funds are subject to the overall Federal-aid obligation limitation.

Funds are distributed by formula among States that have Federal lands managed by the National Park Service, the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

80% of funds go to States that contain at least 1.5% of the national total of public lands, and the remaining 20% going to States with less than 1.5% of the national total.

Funds are distributed by formula based on the following factors *:

* Necessary data is to be provided by the Federal Land Management Agencies (FLMAs).

Prior to distribution of Access Program and Federal Lands Transportation Program (FLTP) funds, the Secretary may set aside up to 5% of funds each fiscal year under both programs to conduct transportation planning, asset management, road and bridge inventory, and condition data collection. [§1119; 23 USC 201(c)(7)]

Federal share: Determined in accordance with 23 USC 120. [§1119; 23 USC 201(b)(7)]

Federal funds other than those made available under title 23 and title 49 may be used to pay the non-Federal share of Access Program projects. [§1508; 23 USC 120(j)]

Eligible activities

[§1119; 23 USC 204(a)(1)]

Program features


Federal lands access transportation facility— A public highway, road, bridge, trail, or transit system that is located on, is adjacent to, or provides access to Federal lands for which title or maintenance responsibility is vested in a State, county, town, township, tribal, municipal, or local government.

[§1103; 23 USC 101(a)(7)]

Programming decisions committee

Program administration

[§1119; 23 USC 201]

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