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MAP-21 - Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century

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This MAP-21 fact sheet has been superseded by a FAST Act fact sheet.

Railway-Highway Crossings Program

Year 2013 2014
Funding $ 220 M $ 220 M

Program purpose

This program funds safety improvements to reduce the number of fatalities, injuries, and crashes at public grade crossings.

Statutory citation(s): MAP-21 §1519; 23 USC 130

Funding features

Funded by contract authority from the Highway Account of the Highway Trust Fund. Funds are subject to the overall Federal-aid obligation limitation.

Funds are derived from a set-aside of amounts calculated for apportionment to the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP).

First, each State's funding level is determined based on the following factors:

[23 USC 130(f)]

Each State is guaranteed to receive a minimum of ½% of the program funds.

The railway-highway crossings program funding level determined for each State is set aside from the State's HSIP amount.

50% of each State's railway-highway crossings funds must be set aside for the installation of protective devices at railway-highway crossings. [23 USC 130(e)]

Special rule -- If a State demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Secretary that it has met all its needs for installation of protective devices at railway-highway crossings, the funds may be used for other highway safety improvement purposes. [23 USC 130(e)]

Federal share: The Federal share is 90 percent. [23 USC 130(f)(3)]

Eligible activities

All previous eligibilities under 23 USC 130 continue.

A State may use up to 2% of its railway-highway crossings funds for compilation and analysis of data for the required annual report to the Secretary on the progress that is being made implementing the program.

Activities funded under this program are also eligible for funding under the broader HSIP eligibilities. The STP also includes eligibility for funding of railway-highway crossings projects.

Program features

Many of the requirements of the program remain unchanged, including:

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