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MAP-21 - Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century

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Tribal High Priority Projects Program

Year 2013 2014
Authorization (GF) $ 30 M $ 30 M

Program purpose

New program, modeled after the former regulatory Indian Reservation Roads High Priority Projects Program, to provide funding to Indian Tribes or a governmental subdivision of an Indian Tribe whose annual allocation of funding received under the Tribal Transportation Program (TTP) is insufficient to complete the highest priority project of the Tribe, or to any Tribe that has an emergency or disaster occur on a tribal transportation facility that renders the facility impassible or unusable.

Statutory citation(s): MAP-21 §1123

Funding features

Funds are authorized to be appropriated from the General Fund, to remain available until September 30 of the third fiscal year after the year appropriated.

Project funding is limited to a maximum of $1 million per application.

The cost of an emergency or disaster project must be at least 10% of the Tribe's TTP fund distribution. Emergency or disaster projects are also limited to the estimated cost of repairing damage to the tribal transportation facility.

Federal share: 100%.

Eligible activities

Repair or reconstruction of eligible facilities in the national inventory of tribal transportation facilities.

Funds may not be used for—

Program features

Eligible applicants

Project applications

An applicant may have only one application for assistance pending at any one time. Application must include:

Ranking criteria

A project scoring matrix will be used to rank applications, based on the following:

Funding priority

Priority will be given to an emergency or disaster project application, which may be submitted at any time during the fiscal year. If such an application is submitted after the priority list is issued and funds are distributed, and the project is determined eligible for program funds, DOI will provide funds for the project when unobligated funds provided to projects on the list are returned to DOI. An emergency or disaster project means damage to a tribal transportation facility that—

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