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Minnesota Division

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Program Specific Responsibilities

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Title Primary Secondary Tertiary
AASHTO Roadside Design Stein Lohr
Access Control Varney Stein Lohr
Accounts Payable Barnes Thompson
Adopt-A-Highway Stein Emanuele
Air Quality Emanuele Retzlaff Forst
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Riesenberg Stein
Asphalt Kliethermes
Asset Management Eakman Riesenberg
Bicycle Program/Planning Retzlaff Emanuele
Bicycle Program/Safety Stein
Bid Letting Spilak Ginsberg Lohr
Bid Practices and Procedures Spilak Ginsberg Lohr
Bid Rigging Information Spilak Ginsberg Lohr
Biennial Design Awards Program Varney Stein Lohr
Border Crossing Scott Lohr Forst
Bridge Inventory, Historic Anderson Forst Campbell
Briefings Scott Lohr
Brownfields Emanuele Retzlaff Forst
Build Grants (Formerly TIGER) Scott Lohr
Building (FHWA Office)/Facility Barnes Scott
Building Management Coordinator Barnes Scott
Bureau of Indian Affairs Riesenberg Forst
Buy America Lohr Spilak Ginsberg
Center for Transportation Studies (CTS) Executive Committee Meyer
Civil Rights Riesenberg
Climate Change Stein Retzlaff Forst
Coastal Zone Management Forst
Community Impact Assessment (CIA) Emanuele Varney
Compliance Assessment Program (CAP) Lohr Ginsberg
Concrete Kliethermes
Congestion Management Emanuele Varney
Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program Emanuele Retzlaff
Construction Ginsberg Spilak Lohr
Construction Contract Claims Lohr Ginsberg
Consultant Contract Services Spilak Ginsberg Lohr
Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) Stein Spilak Forst
Continuity of Operations (COOP) Scott
Contract Administration Manual Spilak Lohr Ginsberg
Cost Estimating Spilak Ginsberg Lohr
Crash Records Stein
Cumulative Impacts Forst
DELPHI Barnes Thompson
DOT Emergency Support Function (ESF) Coordinator Scott
Debarment/Suspension Spilak Lohr
Design Spilak Stein Lohr
Design Build Spilak Ginsberg Lohr
Design Exceptions Lohr Stein Spilak
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Supportive Services Riesenberg
Discretionary Funds (General) Barnes Thompson
Drug Offenders DL Suspension Certification Stein
EEO/Affirmative Action Riesenberg
Emergency Preparedness Scott Ginsberg
Emergency Relief (ER) Ginsberg Spilak Lohr
Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) Forst
Environmental Justice Riesenberg Forst
Environmental Planning Retzlaff Emanuele
Every Day Counts Campbell Scott
Experimental Projects Spilak Lohr
External Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Spilak Lohr Varney
Facility, Building Management Barnes Scott
Farmland Policy Protection Act (FPPA) Forst
Federal Executive Board (FEB) Meyer
Federal Land Transfer Ginsberg Lohr
Federal Lands Access Program Campbell Spilak
Federal Register Monitor (Include LSAs) Scott
Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Coordination Emanuele Retzlaff
Federal-Aid Billing FM Thompson
Ferry Boat Program Barnes Thompson Scott
Final Vouchers Lehman Thompson
Financial Management Project Monitoring Barnes Thompson
Fiscal Management Information System (FMIS) Barnes Thompson
Floodplain's Forst
Floods/Water Body Modification Forst Spilak
Force Account Agreements Ginsberg Lohr
Forest Highway Campbell
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Barnes Scott
Freight Retzlaff Emanuele
Fuel Tax Evasion Retzlaff
Functional Classification Retzlaff
GASB 34 Eakman Thompson
Geological Anderson Campbell
Geotechnical Anderson Campbell
Grading & Base Kliethermes
Guardrails Stein Spilak
Guidestar Emanuele
Guidestar Board of Directors Meyer
Hazardous Waste/Contaminated Materials (for construction projects) Forst
Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) Certification Retzlaff Emanuele
High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) & HOT Lanes Varney Stein
High Priority Projects Varney Spilak Lohr
Highway Appurtenances Stein Spilak
Highway Capacity Varney Emanuele Lohr
Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) Eakman Riesenberg
Highway Reauthorization Scott
Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Stein
Highway Statistical Reports including Motor Fuel Reports Emanuele Retzlaff
Historic Bridges Anderson Campbell Forst
Historic, Archaeological, Cultural - Section 106 Forst
Human Factors Stein
Hydraulics Anderson Campbell
INFRA Grants Scott
Impact Attenuators Stein
Incident Management Varney Emanuele
Independent Assurance Kliethermes Lohr
Information Technology (IT) Coordinator Barnes Fisher
Innovative Bridge Research and Deployment Program Anderson Campbell Spilak
Innovative Contracting Spilak Ginsberg Lohr
Innovative Funding Barnes Thompson
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Emanuele Varney
Intermodal Connection Retzlaff Emanuele
Internal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Lehman Scott
International Border Crossings Scott Campbell
Internet Site Scott Fisher
Intersection Safety Stein Varney Lohr
Interstate Access Modifications Varney Stein
Intranet (SharePoint) Site Scott Fisher
Invoices Thompson Lehman
Labor Compliance (Davis-Bacon, etc.) Riesenberg Lohr Spilak
Land Use Retzlaff Emanuele
Legislation, Federal Scott
Legislation, State Scott
Light Rail Transit Varney Emanuele Lohr
Lobbying Restrictions Certification Spilak Ginsberg Lohr
Local Project Management Campbell Ginsberg Lohr
Local Public Agencies (LPA) Campbell Lohr Ginsberg
Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Campbell Lohr Spilak
Long Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) Kliethermes
Maintenance Eakman Riesenberg
Major Investment Studies (MIS) Emanuele Retzlaff
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) Stein Varney
Mapping Eakman Retzlaff
Materials and Testing Kliethermes
Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO's) Emanuele Retzlaff
Mid America Human Resources Committee (HRC) Lehman
Minnesota Freight Advisory Committee (MFAC) Retzlaff Emanuele
Minnesota Model Forst
Minnesota Transportation History Network Forst
Minority Institute of Higher Education (MIHE) program Riesenberg
MnROAD Research Kliethermes Campbell
Motorcycle Data Stein Eakman
NHS Intermodal Connectors Retzlaff Emanuele
National Bridge Inventory Anderson Campbell
National Corridor Planning Development/Coordinated Border Infrastructure (NCPD/CBI) Program Retzlaff Campbell
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Forst
National Response Planning Scott
National Security Coordinator Scott
National Summer Transportation Institute Program (NSTI) Riesenberg
Nationwide Permits Forst
Noise Forst
Older Driver Safety Stein
On-the-Job Training (OJT) and Supportive Services Riesenberg
Outdoor Advertising/Billboards Ginsberg
Pavement Design Kliethermes
Pavement Management Kliethermes
Pavement Markings Stein
Pedestrian Safety Stein
Performance Plan (Strategic Planning) Scott Riesenberg
Planning Certifications Retzlaff Emanuele
Privacy Act Administration Barnes
Professional Development Program (PDP) Riesenberg
Programmatic Agreements Forst
Property Management Thompson Lehman
Proprietary Items Spilak Lohr
Public Interest Findings (non ROW) Spilak Lohr
Public Involvement Process Retzlaff Forst
Public Road Mileage Certification Eakman Riesenberg
Quality Assurance Program (QC/QA/IA) Kliethermes
Railroad Crossing Program Stein
Rails to Trails Campbell
Realty Specialist Ginsberg
Recreational Trails, National Campbell
Recruiting Meyer
Rest Areas Forst
Retaining Walls Anderson
Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies Meyer
Rideshare Emanuele Varney
Right of Way (ROW) Consultant Ginsberg
Right of Way, Acquisition Ginsberg Lohr
Right of Way, Appraisal Ginsberg
Right of Way, Contract Compliance Ginsberg
Right of Way, Corridor Preservation Ginsberg Forst
Right of Way, Easements Ginsberg Lohr
Right of Way, Public Interest Findings (PIFs) Ginsberg
Right of Way, Relocation Ginsberg
Right of Way, Right of Way (ROW) Use Agreements Ginsberg
Road Safety Audits Stein
Roadside Design Guide Stein Lohr
STIC (State Transportation Innovation Council) Meyer
STIP/TIP Program and Amendment Approval Retzlaff
Safe Routes to School Campbell
Safety Stein
Scenario Planning Retzlaff Emanuele
Scenic Byways Campbell
Seat Belt Law Stein
Secondary Impacts Forst
Section 4(f) Forst
Section 402 Safety Stein
Section 404 Wetlands/Nationwide Permits Forst
Section 6(f) Forst
Signals Emanuele Varney
Signing Stein Varney
Single Audit Barnes Thompson
Skid Testing Kliethermes
Snow Removal Safety Stein Eakman
Social Impacts Forst
Specifications Spilak Ginsberg
Standard Plates (Coordination with Program Specialists) Spilak Stein
State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) (TRLF) Barnes Thompson
State Planning and Research Program (SPR) Retzlaff Emanuele
State Planning and Research Program (SPR) Pooled Fund Studies Campbell Emanuele
Stewardship Scott Lohr
Strategic Highway Network (STRAHNET) Retzlaff
Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP)(SHRP 2) Campbell
Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) Stein
Sustainable Development Retzlaff Forst
TIGER Grants Scott
Technical Certification Program Kliethermes
Technology Transfer Coordinator Campbell Riesenberg
Threatened and Endangered Species Forst
Tolls Varney Stein Lohr
Traffic Engineering / Operations Varney Emanuele Lohr
Traffic Surveillance Varney Eakman Lohr
Traffic Volume Trends Varney Eakman Lohr
Training Coordinator, NHI Courses Lehman
Transportation Alternatives Retzlaff Emanuele Campbell
Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) Eakman Riesenberg
Transportation Performance Management (TPM) Retzlaff Emanuele
Transportation Plan Retzlaff Emanuele
Transportation Research Board (TRB) Campbell
Tribal Employment Rights Offices (TERO) Riesenberg
Tribal Liaison Riesenberg
Tribal Relations Forst
Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP) Riesenberg
Tribal Transportation Program (TTP) Riesenberg
Truck Size and Weight Retzlaff
Uniform Act Ginsberg
Urban Area Boundaries Retzlaff Emanuele
Urban Partnership Agreements (UPA) Retzlaff
Utilities Ginsberg
Value Engineering (VE) Campbell
Value Pricing Varney
Vehicle Classification Eakman Varney
Vehicle Cybersecurity Emanuele Stein
Vetting Spilak Lohr
Videoconferencing Lehman
Visual Impacts Forst
Water Quality Forst
Webinars / Web Conferences Lehman
Webmaster Scott
Weekly Report Scott
Weigh in Motion Eakman Retzlaff
Wild and Scenic Rivers Forst
Work Zone Safety Stein Spilak
Work Zone Traffic Control Stein Spilak
Workforce Planning Scott
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