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FHWA/MoDOT Partnering Agreements


October 2014

I. Definitions

Blueprint to Save More Lives:

A collection of strategies with a goal of 700 or fewer fatalities by 2016

Projects of Division Interest (PoDi):

PoDIs are those projects that have an elevated risk, contain elements of higher risk, or present a meaningful opportunity for FHWA involvement to enhance meeting program or project objectives.

II. Roles and Responsibilities of MoDOT and FHWA
Approval Action Reference Document Description of Action/Responsibility Expected Timeframe (MoDOT) Expected Timeframe (FHWA)
Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E) on identified Projects of Division Interest (PoDI) projects*
23 CFR 630 Subpart B MoDOT will submit full and complete PS&E's. Coordinate with FHWA Transportation Engineer (TE) on late submittals and keep TE posted on last minute changes.

All right-of-way, utility, railroad and environmental certification/clearances should be completed prior to submittal. Addendums will also be submitted for approval.

Submit PS&E
7 weeks prior to letting date.

Submit addendums 2 days prior to sending to the prospective bidders.

Provide approval/comments within 2 weeks of receipts.

Provide approval/comments within 2 days of receipt.

Preliminary Plans on identified PoDI Projects*
23 CFR 630 Subpart B MoDOT will submit approved preliminary plans to appropriate TE for review/approval. FHWA will review and provide comments as necessary.
Submit 10 days prior to expected approval. Provide comments/approval within 10 days of receipt.
Transportation Management Plan (TMP) (includes temporary traffic control plan) on identified PoDI Projects* 23 CFR 655 Subpart F MoDOT will ensure work zones are designed effectively and provide safe facilitation of traffic movements and consider pedestrians and bicycle needs. MoDOT will submit TMP to FHWA for identified PoDI projects.

FHWA will review and submit comments as necessary.

Submit TMP 10 days prior to expected approval. Provide comments, if any, within 10 days of receipt.
Access Justification Report
23 CFR 625, FHWA Policy and Procedures for New or Revised Interstate Access Approval in Missouri MoDOT will invite FHWA, TE to all core team meetings and ask questions to make sure report will cover requirements. Submit draft copy to TE for review. Build FHWA HQ review time into schedule, if needed. Submit complete report containing all traffic analysis information that has been reviewed by MoDOT staff.

FHWA will attend core team meeting as invited and provide information regarding AJR requirements.

Submit final version 15 days prior to expected approval (if draft furnished). Allow 20 days, if no draft.

Allow 40 days if HQ approval is needed.

Provide comments/approval within 15 days of receipt if draft is provided, 20 days if draft is not provided.

Will respond within 40 days if HQ review/approval is required.

Design Exceptions on identified PoDI projects.*
23 CFR 625.3 (f) MoDOT liaison and district PM will discuss design exceptions with FHWA TE prior to submittal so that complete and descriptive justification is provided.

FHWA will review and provide comments or request for additional information, to approve or deny the design exceptions.

Submit 10 days prior to expected response. Provide comments/approval or denial of design exception with 10 days of receipt.
Plan Development on PoDI Projects*
MoDOT, EPG, AASHTO Green Book, MUTCD, etc. MoDOT will keep FHWA posted throughout development of plans and invite appropriate TE to all PoDI core team meetings, final field checks, etc., and submit minutes of meeting to FHWA.

FHWA will actively participate in core team meetings, review plans and provide input, regarding safety, compliance, constructability, etc. and attend final field checks, as necessary.

Provide FHWA with a minimum of 10 days advance notice for meetings.  
Revision to Standard Plans and Specifications
23 CFR 625 MoDOT will submit level 2 and 3 revisions to FHWA in accordance with the "Policy Approval Process".

FHWA will review, offer feedback and approve all revisions.

Submit 15 days prior to expected approval. Provide comments, if any, or provide approval with 15 days of receipt.
Revisions to the Engineering Policy Guide 23 CFR 625 MoDOT will submit level 2 and 3 Engineering Policy Guide content to FHWA for review and comment.

FHWA will review, offer feedback, and approve all reviews.

Submit 15 days prior to expected approval. Provide comments, if any, or provide approval/rejection within 15 days of receipt.

PoDI Selection Process: FHWA has developed an internal process for the identification of PoDI's, as required and in conformance with FHWA HQ guidance; this internal process will guide the yearly PoDI selection process. The PoDI process is a 3-step process, FHWA and MoDOT collaboration during each step will include:

1. Pre-screening process: This step will consist of a review of the draft STIP. All projects from all MoDOT districts will be reviewed for potential PoDI identification. The FHWA TE assigned to each district will perform an initial review of the draft STIP, and develop a short-list of potential PoDI's. The FHWA TE will collaborate with their respective MoDOT Design Liaison to review the short-list of projects; agreed upon changes or modifications to the short-list will be made.

2. Risk Assessment: All projects on the PoDI short-list will receive a risk-based assessment using the FHWA developed Missouri Resource Deployment Tool (MRDT). The MRDT contains 10 required risk areas that will be assessed for each project on the PoDI short-list. The FHWA TE will coordinate the risk assessment process with their respective MoDOT Design Liaison. Based upon the results of the MRDT risk assessment, each project on the short-list will be identified as a PoDI or not a PoDI.

3. Final PoDI Selection: The FHWA Program Implementation Team Leader (PITL) will review the risk assessment results for accuracy, consistency, available FHWA resources, and in consideration of current FHWA workload. The PITL will meet with each TE, and agree upon the final list of PoDI's for each district. For the final PoDI list, each TE will coordinate with their respective MoDOT Design Liaison to develop oversight plans for each PoDI, including the identification of project actions requiring FHWA involvement/approval, and population of the PoDI matrix for the resulting project actions. The oversight plans will be developed to mitigate the identified higher risk areas resulting from the risk assessment described in step 2.

The final PoDI matrix will be sent to MoDOT for inclusion in the EPG. FHWA will update the matrix quarterly and send the updated document to MoDOT.

It is anticipated that the PoDI selection process will be initiated with the submittal of the draft STIP, normally in March or April of each FY, and be completed by the end of June with the submittal of the PoDI matrix.

III. Ground Rules

We agree to concentrate efforts in improving our work by following these ground rules:

IV. Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are to be resolved at the lowest staff level possible between the FHWA Transportation Engineer and MoDOT District Staff up to the District Engineer with the assistance of MoDOT's Liaison Engineer. After exhausting all possibilities and an agreement cannot be reached, the issue will be elevated in the following manner:

V. Performance Evaluation

We will measure our partnering progress and success by the following performance measures. All measures are annual measures that will be updated quarterly. The MoDOT Design Division D-TRACKER will be the document that produces the measures which will be sent to FHWA within one week of being published each quarter. Measures may be modified, added or deleted by mutual agreement through revision to this partnering agreement.

VI. Communications with Management

MoDOT and FHWA will keep management informed of our activities and how our agreement to partner is working by communicating important or controversial issues to management immediately as they arise. We will use the "no surprise philosophy" by providing management with updates as needed.


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