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Missouri Division

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Staff Directory

Main Office Phone: 573-636-7104

“IMPORTANT: Please use the e-mail address Missouri.FHWA@dot.gov instead of personal addresses for all formal correspondence, public inquiries, and urgent requests for information. This will ensure that your message will receive prompt and proper action.”

Contact Name Title Email Phone
Kevin Ward, P.E. Division Administrator kevin.ward@dot.gov 573-418-2409
Vershun Tolliver Deputy Division Administrator vershun.tolliver@dot.gov 573-638-2606
Program Development Team
Raegan Ball Program Development Team Leader raegan.ball@dot.gov 573-638-2620
Brad McMahon Transportation Specialist bradley.mcmahon@dot.gov 573-638-2609
Ashley Scheulen Financial Manager ashley.scheulen@dot.gov 573-638-2614
Lauren Paulwell Civil Rights Specialist lauren.d.paulwell@dot.gov 573-638-2635
Michael Latuszek ROW/PMA Specialist michael.latuszek@dot.gov 573-638-2619
Vacant Financial Specialist    
Adam Coon Financial Specialist adam.coon@dot.gov 573-638-2615
Daniel Weitkamp PDP Community Planner daniel.weitkamp@dot.gov 573-638-2625
Jason Marino Program Coordinator and NHI Coordinator jason.marino@dot.gov 573-638-2603
Taylor Peters Environmental Specialist taylor.peters@dot.gov 573-638-2621
Program Implementation Team
Dawn Perkins, P.E. Program Implementation Team Leader
(LPA Coordinator)
dawn.perkins@dot.gov 573-638-2626
Brian Nevins Transportation Engineer
(Recreational Trails, ITS, and Design Coordinator)
brian.nevins@dot.gov 573-638-2624
Kevin Irving Transportation Engineer Kansas City/NW Districts
(Emergency and FLAP Coordinator)
kevin.irving@dot.gov 573-638-2612
Felix Gonzalez Transportation Engineer St. Louis District
(Design-Build, Construction, and Utilities Coordinator)
felix.r.gonzalez@dot.gov 573-638-2622
Mike McGee, P.E. Pavement & Materials Engineer
(HPMS Coordinator)
mike.mcgee@dot.gov 573-638-2608
Julie Stotlemeyer, P.E. Transportation Engineer
(Research and MoSTIC Coordinator)
julie.stotlemeyer@dot.gov 573-638-2610
Charles Pursley, P.E. Transportation Engineer Central/SW Districts (Consultant Services and ER Coordinator) charles.pursley@dot.gov 573-638-2611
John Miller, P.E. & R.S.P Safety and Traffic Operations Specialist
(Freight and Railroad Coordinator)
john.p.miller@dot.gov 573-638-2628
Scott Stotlemeyer, P.E. Division Bridge Engineer
(EDC Coordinator)
scott.stotlemeyer@dot.gov 573-638-2625

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