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Missouri Division

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Staff Directory

Main Office Phone: 573-636-7104

The Missouri Division office is dedicated to delivering the best Federal-aid program possible. We are organized into the basic teams of Division Administrator, Programs, Projects, and Services. You may contact any staff via phone or email.

IMPORTANT: Please use the e-mail address Missouri.FHWA@dot.gov instead of personal addresses for all formal correspondence, public inquiries, and urgent requests for information. This will ensure your message will receive prompt and proper action.

Contact Name Title Email Phone
Office of Division Administrator
Kevin Ward, P.E. Division Administrator kevin.ward@dot.gov 573-418-2409
Vershun Tolliver Deputy Division Administrator vershun.tolliver@dot.gov 573-638-2606
Jason Marino PMA Specialist jason.marino@dot.gov 573-638-2603
Programs Team
Aryn Thompkins Programs Team Leader aryn.thompkins@dot.gov 573-638-2620
Scott Stotlemeyer, P.E. Division Bridge Engineer scott.stotlemeyer@dot.gov 573-638-2625
John Miller, P.E., R.S.P.1 Transportation Specialist (Safety & Mobility Engineer) john.p.miller@dot.gov 573-638-2628
Taylor Peters Environmental Specialist taylor.peters@dot.gov 573-638-2621
Cecelie Cochran, MPA Planning Program Manager cecelie.cochran@dot.gov 573-638-2609
Daniel Weitkamp PDP Community Planner daniel.weitkamp@dot.gov 573-638-2625
Projects Team
Natalie Roark Projects Team Leader natalie.roark@dot.gov 573-638-2630
Kevin Irving Transportation Engineer kevin.irving@dot.gov 573-638-2612
Félix González Transportation Engineer felix.r.gonzalez@dot.gov 573-638-2622
Charles Pursley, P.E. Transportation Engineer charles.pursley@dot.gov 573-638-2611
Jim Smith Transportation Engineer james.e.smith@dot.gov 573-638-2613
Vacant Transportation Engineer    
Services Team
Dawn Perkins, P.E. Services Team Leader dawn.perkins@dot.gov 573-638-2626
Ashley Scheulen Transportation Finance Manager ashley.scheulen@dot.gov 573-638-2614
Adam Coon Transportation Finance Specialist adam.coon@dot.gov 573-638-2615
Kathy Schimmel Transportation Finance Specialist kathy.schimmel@dot.gov 573-638-2610
Lauren Paulwell Civil Rights/Right-of-Way Specialist lauren.d.paulwell@dot.gov 573-638-2635
Pamela Gahner Program Coordinator pamela.gahner@dot.gov 573-638-2604
Rebecca Rost Environmental Specialist rebecca.rost@dot.gov 573-638-2623
Brian Nevins Transportation Engineer (RPT/Direct) brian.nevins@dot.gov 573-638-2624
Djakaridja Bamba Pathways Intern djakaridja.bamba@dot.gov 573-638-2618

Who to Contact

To better address your questions, the following list has been developed by subject to assist you. If you do not find what you are looking for, let us know. We will continue to update this list as needed.

Go to State Map to see County and District Information.

For questions about a specific project, please contact the appropriate staff below:

Planning NEPA Design/Construction
Northwest District SJATSO (St. Joseph) - Cecelie Cochran / Dan Weitkamp Taylor Peters Kevin Irving
Northeast District   Taylor Peters Brian Nevins
Kansas City District MARC - Cecelie Cochran / Dan Weitkamp Taylor Peters Kevin Irving
Central District CAMPO (Jefferson City) - Cecelie Cochran / Dan Weitkamp

CATSO (Columbia) – Cecelie Cochran / Dan Weitkamp
Taylor Peters Charles Pursley
St. Louis District EWGCOG - Cecelie Cochran / Dan Weitkamp Taylor Peters Félix González
Southwest District

JATSO (Joplin) - Cecelie Cochran / Dan Weitkamp

NARPC (Northwest Arkansas) - Cecelie Cochran / Dan Weitkamp

OTO (Springfield) - Cecelie Cochran / Dan Weitkamp

Taylor Peters Charles Pursley
Southeast District SEMPO (Cape Girardeau) - Cecelie Cochran / Dan Weitkamp Taylor Peters Charles Pursley


General Information

Air Quality / CMAQ Cecelie Cochran
Dan Weitkamp
Bridge Scott Stotlemeyer
Civil Rights Lauren Paulwell
Construction Félix González
Consultant Services Charles Pursley
Direct Recipient Projects Dawn Perkins
Rebecca Rost
Discretionary Grant Opportunities Dawn Perkins
Rebecca Rost
Design Charles Pursley
Design-Build Félix González
Every Day Counts (EDC) / MoSTIC Scott Stotlemeyer
Emergency Relief (ER) Charles Pursley
Environment Taylor Peters
Rebecca Rost
Finance / Federal-aid Funding Ashley Scheulen
Adam Coon
Kathy Schimmel
Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) Kevin Irving
Freight John Miller
Geotechnical & Hydraulics Scott Stotlemeyer
HPMS Jason Marino
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Brian Nevins
Local Program Administration (LPA) Dawn Perkins
National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Aryn Thompkins
NHI Coordinator Jason Marino
Pavement & Materials Félix González
Planning Cecelie Cochran
Daniel Weitkamp
Railroad John Miller
Recreational Trails Brian Nevins
Research & Technology Deployment Aryn Thompkins
Right-of-Way Lauren Paulwell
Safety & Operations John Miller
Transportation Performance Management / Asset Management Jason Marino
Utilities / Broadband Félix González

Customer Feedback

You, the public, are our primary customers and we want to know how you think we are doing. Whether it is a compliment or complaint, we would appreciate you taking a moment to share your comments. If you are willing and interested, you can "click" below and send us your comments, or write to us at:

Federal Highway Administration
U.S. Department of Transportation
3220 West Edgewood Suite H
Jefferson City, MO 65109


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