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Missouri Division

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FHWA/MoDOT Partnering Agreements
Highway Safety and Traffic Division

Best for printing: SafetyTrafficPartneringAgreement20211129.pdf (383 KB)

I. Roles and Responsibilities of MoDOT:

MoDOT's role is to ensure the program area performs in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations while implementing MoDOT's mission and tangible results, division business plan, and Missouri's Strategic Highway Safety Plan's (SHSP) priorities and goals. This includes MoDOT's core value to "Be Safe."

II. Roles and Responsibilities of FHWA

FHWA's role is to ensure the program areas of safety, traffic, and ITS performs in accordance with federal laws and regulations while implementing FHWA's performance plan and required stewardship and oversight. The following tasks are considered the most important and we will work in partnership to ensure success.

III. Ground Rules

We agree to concentrate efforts in improving our work by following these ground rules:

IV. Conflict Resolution

In case of conflict, we will resolve it at the lowest level by mutual agreement. If we cannot reach mutual agreement, the issue should be elevated within ten (10) days to facilitate prompt resolution. We agree to elevate the issue in the following manner:

V. Performance Evaluation

We will measure our partnering progress and success by the following performance indicators on all public roads in Missouri:

VI. Program Assessment

The objective of FHWA's risk management process is to establish a consistent approach to identify and prioritize program area risks. Applying the principles of risk makes it possible to identify threats and opportunities; assess and prioritize those threats and opportunities; and determine and prioritize strategies so that we can decide how to address future issues affecting the Federal-aid Highway Programs.

MoDOT Highway Safety and Traffic staff and FHWA agree to coordinated yearly meetings to identify safety and operations risk areas and strategies for the next performance year.

VII. Communicating with Management

We will keep management informed of our activities and how our partnering is working by:

Nicole Hood
MoDOT Highway Safety and Traffic Engineer
Date: November 24, 2021

John Paul Miller
FHWA Missouri Division Transportation Specialist (Safety and Mobility)
Date: 2021.11.29

Dawn R Perkins
FHWA Missouri Division Acting Program Implementation Team Leader
Date: 2021.11.29


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