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Pooled Fund Project TPF-5(283): The Influence of Vehicular Live Loads on Bridge Performance

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Thomas Saad, P.E.
Federal Highway Administration

Hamid Ghasemi, Ph.D
Team Leader & Program Manager
Federal Highway Administration

Robert Zobel, Ph.D., P.E
Technical and Development Engineer
Federal Highway Administration

Sue Lane, P.E.
Federal Highway Administration

Project Initiation

Project Participants

  • Minnesota DOT

  • Wisconsin DOT

  • Georgia DOT

  • North Carolina DOT

  • Iowa DOT

  • Pennsylvania DOT

  • Oregon DOT

  • FHWA, LTBP Program

The photograph features a bridge spanning a body of water. Trees appear on each side of the body of water. A very large piece of machinery is supported on two trailers and is crossing the bridge, with the help of numerous construction workers clothed with safety vests and hard hats.

Key Project Goals

Project Contract Awarded

Project Details

Interested in participating in Pooled Fund Project TPF-5(283)?


Thomas Saad, FHWA Resource Center

Phone: 708-283-3521

E-mail: thomas.saad@dot.gov

The photograph on the left features a tractor trailer on top of a bridge with a large concrete structure on the bed of the truck. The words “Oversize Load” appear on a sign on the back of the trailer, and orange flags appear on the concrete structure and on the truck. A worker wearing an orange and yellow safety vest appears in the lower right portion of the photograph. The photograph on the right shows a two lane bridge. There is a tractor trailer in the left lane. No traffic appears in the right lane. A sign appears to the right of the right lane. The sign reads "Weight Limit Reduced - Any Single Axle - 20,000 LBS - Any Tandem Axle - 34,000 LBS - Max Gross Weight - 80,000 LBS - Legal Axle Weights Only"

Thank You!


This slide shows a black-and-white image of a bridge deck with four lanes. The two left lanes (in the direction of traffic) show vehicles, and the two right lanes are closed and workers are taking measurements with hand-held nondestructive evaluation tools. The lanes with traffic and the lanes with workers are separated by a traffic cone. The lanes with workers have white dots on a 2-foot by 2-foot grid painted on the top of the concrete bridge deck.


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