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About Us

The day-to-day delivery of the Federal-aid Highway Program (FAHP) is the responsibility of the Division Offices, who collaborate with their respective partners to ensure that the Nation's highways remain the backbone of an effective intermodal transportation network. Our partners include the state and local governments that own and operate the nation's roads, including the interstate system and other facilities that comprise the National Highway System. Through the Federal-aid Highway Program, the FHWA makes funds available each year to State Departments of Transportation, who, in turn, work closely with local officials to plan and select important transportation system improvement projects.

Located in Columbus, Ohio, the FHWA Ohio Division Office coordinates closely with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) in the administration of the Federal-aid Highway Program. Other key partners include Ohio's 17 metropolitan planning organizations; local public agencies; federal, state, and local resource agencies; Ohio colleges and universities that conduct transportation research; and organizations that represent the transportation industry.

With our partners, we predominantly focus on issues related to project, program, and process improvements. We also provide oversight and technical assistance during the development and construction of transportation projects. Our ultimate customer is the traveling public.

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