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OCTOBER 2002Table FA-4A
Interstate Maintenance (IM)Interstate System lane miles33 1/3%104(b)(4)1/2 percent of Interstate Maintenance and National Highway System apportionments combined
Vehicle miles traveled on the Interstate System33 1/3%
Annual contributions to the Highway Account of the Highway Trust Fund attributable to commercial vehicles33 1/3%
National Highway System (NHS)Remainder apportioned as follows:104(b)(1)1/2 percent of Interstate Maintenance and National Highway System apportionments combined
Lane miles on principal arterial routes (excluding the Interstate System)25%
Vehicle miles traveled on principal arterial routes (excluding the Interstate System)35%
Diesel fuel used on highways30%
Total lane miles on principal arterials divided by the State's total population10%
Surface Transportation Program (STP)Total lane miles of Federal-aid highways25%104(b)(3)1/2 percent
Total vehicle miles traveled on Federal-aid highways40%
Estimated tax payments attributable to highway users paid into the Highway Account of the Highway Trust Fund35%
Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program (BRR)Relative share of total cost to repair or replace deficient bridges100%144(e)1/4 percent
(10 percent maximum)
Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ) Weighted nonattainment and maintenance area population100%104(b)(2)1/2 percent
Recreational Trails Program (RT)Equal shares to each eligible State50%104(h)None
Nonhighway recreational fuel use during the preceding year50%
Metropolitan Planning (MP)Urbanized area population 2/100%104(f)(2)1/2 percent
Minimum GuaranteeSpecific share specified in law of the aggregate apportionments for Interstate Maintenance, National Highway System, Bridge, Congestion Mitigation, Surface Transportation Program, Metropolitan Planning, Recreational Trails, Appalachian Development Highway System, and Minimum Guarantee and allocations for High Priority Projects adjusted to ensure that each State's share of apportionments for the specified programs is at least 90.5 percent of its percentage contributions to the Highway Account of the Highway Trust Fund. The shares specified in law are increased for States falling below the 90.5 level and the shares of the remaining States are decreased so that the shares continue to total 100 percent.100%105$1 million
State and Community Highway Safety GrantsTotal population75%402(c)1/2 percent, 1/4 percent for American Samoa, Guam, Virgin Islands, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, 3/4 percent for Secretary of the Interior (Bureau of Indian Affairs)
Public road mileage25%

1/ Denotes appropriate section in title 23 U.S. Code.

2/ Usually places of 50,000 or more persons. Definition contained in 23 U.S.C. 101(a).

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