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Highway Statistics Series

eSubscribe - Receive regular email updatesThe Highway Statistics Series consists of annual reports containing analyzed statistical information on motor fuel, motor vehicle registrations, driver licenses, highway user taxation, highway mileage, travel, and highway finance. These information are presented in tables as well as selected charts. It has been published annually since 1945.

How Statistics are Compiled

Most highway data are submitted by the States directly to FHWA. Each State's data is analyzed for completeness, reasonableness, consistency, and compliance with data reporting instructions contained in "A Guide to Reporting Highway Statistics". While the Office of Highway Policy Information of FHWA is responsible for preparation of this publication, a number of the statistical summaries are prepared by other units within the FHWA

Federal Legislation

Federal legislation and policy has required this data from the States for FHWA to assess the health of the highway system for Congress, and other interested entities including a host of other users such as State and local governments, the private sector, the media, and the general public.

All Reports and Publications (Archive)
Staff Contacts
Highway Statistics Seminars 2011, 2012, 2013 - Presentations
Public Data for Highway Statistics

Highway Statistics Series Publications

Highway Statistics Cover

Guide to Reporting Highway Statistics
HPMS Field Manual
Traffic Monitoring Guide
Public Roads: What's in the Numbers – article


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