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Legislative Affairs and Policy Communications

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Program Areas

Legislative Analysis Team

The Legislative Analysis Team is responsible for the interpretation and analysis of legislation of interest to FHWA, with particular emphasis on policy implications, highway finance, program structure, and cross-cutting features. As a direct extension of this expertise, the team has been instrumental in developing comprehensive reauthorization legislation proposals, integrating proposals from individual offices, and acting as a catalyst to program-wide option development. Once reauthorization is complete, the team coordinates development of a Legislative Implementation Plan and tracks its implementation on an agency-wide basis.

Staff Contacts

Policy Communications Team

The Policy Communications team manages the FHWA briefing process for the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Transportation and the Administrator. This work includes building and maintaining an electronic library of briefing material, establishing a consistent and accessible data management process, and designing templates for materials presentations. An agency-wide network of briefing coordinators is in turn led by the Team. The network includes lead coordinators and backups from every HQ and field office. The Team also oversees Office of Policy public outreach work, ensures quality control practices for agency's Reports to Congress, and provides assistance to the Congressional affairs team when needed.

Staff Contacts

Congressional Affairs Team

The Congressional Affairs Team acts as the central point of contact between FHWA staff and the Hill, developing and maintaining productive working relationships. The Team responds to Hill requests for technical assistance or project status reports, liaises with program offices and/or field to craft a timely response, and coordinates Hill meetings and conference calls among agency personnel and Hill staff. Finally, the Team advises Federal Highway Administration leadership and staff on Congressional perspectives.

Staff Contacts

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