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Policy and Governmental Affairs
Office of Highway Policy Information

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Staff Directory

Federal Highway Administration
Office of Highway Policy Information
1200 New Jersey Ave, SE, E81-123
Washington, DC 20590

Phone: 202-366-0175
Fax: 202-366-7742

David Winter Director (202) 366-4631
Helen Davidson Administrative Program Specialist (202) 366-9199

Motor Fuel and Highway Finance Division

Ronald Vaughn Chief (202) 366-9248
Michael Dougherty Program Manager – Fuel Tax Evasion / Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) (667) 668-1781
Clarissa Smith Program Manager – State and Local Highway Finance (202) 366-5045
Deborah Phillips Program Manager – Motor Fuel (302) 592-7220
Allison Weber Program Manager – Vehicle Registration & Driver Licensing (518) 431-8886
Kasandre Reeves Program Compliance Coordinator – 500-Series Programs (564) 544-0350
Dawn Edwards Statistical Assistant – Driver Licensing (202) 366-4048

Travel Monitoring and Surveys Division

Tianjia Tang Chief (202) 366-2236
Steven Jessberger Traffic Monitoring Program Manager – Field Operations, Guidance and System Development (202) 366-5052
Vacant NHTS Program Manager – Survey Method and NHTS
Daniel Jenkins FHWA Travel Behavior Data Program Manager (202) 366-1067
Patrick Zhang Data Analyst and Research Manager – Data and Policy (202) 366-1941
Clayton Clark Traffic Monitoring and Data Processing Specialist (202) 366-5053
Rafael Nieto Travel Monitoring Guidance and Data Management Specialist (202) 366-9213
Shuqing Wang National Traffic Data and Advanced Analytics Program Manager (202)-366 -5047

Highway System Performance Division

Chris Allen Chief (202) 366-4104
Justin Clarke HPMS Software Manager / Training Coordinator/ Data Visualization (202) 366-9245
Robert Rozycki Highway Statistics Coordinator / Data Requests / HPMS Sampling & Pavement (202) 366-5059
Tom Roff HPMS Software & GIS Applications Manager / Certified Public Miles & Highway Inventory (202) 366-5035
Terrence Beltz Data Assessment Team Manager / Communications & Marketing / Factoids (651) 291-6116
Matt Spiel ITIP System Manager / Data Analysis ((608) 829-7518
Paul Foundoukis HPMS Field Manual / Division Field Review Process (785) 273-2655


Chart: Motor Fuels and Finance, Travel Mointoring and Surveys, and Highway System Performance

Division Activities

Motor Fuel and Finance

The Motor Fuel and Finance Division administers the collection, analysis, and dissemination of data relating motor fuels tax, driver licensing, vehicle registration, and highway finance programs. The division also administers the motor fuels tax evasion and heavy vehicle use tax programs. Motor fuels, driver licensing, vehicle registration and finance data are provided by our State partners on either a monthly, annual or biennial basis. Once compiled and analyzed, the data are used to 1) provide information and analysis in support of the Federal Highway Program's reauthorization; 2) develop proposed legislation and reports to Congress; and 3) analyze existing and proposed Federal-aid funding methods and levels.

Travel Monitoring and Surveys

The Travel Monitoring and Surveys Division administers the national traffic monitoring program, the national truck weight monitoring program, the national travel behavior program, long distance travel origin destination data, and national model program. The division also takes on the responsibility of conducting research on strategic challenging issues including, but not limited to: future travel demand, vehicle miles traveled, long distance passenger travel, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, congestion, and revenue.

Highway System Performance

The division administers the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) data system, and coordinates with the States on the reporting of mileage and performance data of the nation's highway system to FHWA. The data is used in the attribution of funds from the Highway Trust Fund on an annual basis. The data is the underlying data for the Conditions & Performance Report to Congress.

Please direct all questions and comments to PolicyInfoFeedback@dot.gov.

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