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Highway Finance Data Collection

The Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) comprehensive highway finance information collection effort includes an extensive amount of input on Federal, State, and local governments financing of highways.

The Congress recognized the need for highway finance information to support highway policy development, and as early as 1904, the Federal government began inquiring about highway taxation, sources of revenue for highways, and highway expenditures. The role of the Federal government in highway transportation has changed greatly, but its role in assembling highway finance and related data has continued. As highway agencies and highway programs change and evolve, FHWA continues to revise and enhance its data collection program.

Highway finance information is used by FHWA in providing information and analysis in support of the Federal Highway Program's reauthorization; the development of the proposed legislation and reports to Congress; evaluating the extent, performance, condition, and use of the Nation's transportation systems; analyzing existing and proposed Federal-aid funding methods and levels; the assignment of user-cost responsibility; and the evaluation of Federal State and Local highway programs.


Resources and Publications

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