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Traffic Volume Trends - Rural
Estimated Vehicle Miles (Millions) and Percent Change for 1992

Year 1992
Rural Interstate%Rural Other Arterial%Other Rural%Total Rural%All Systems%
Jan14,186 1.9Jan23,878 5.1Jan24,171 -0.6Jan62,235 2.1Jan167,886 6.3
Feb13,624 -0.2Feb23,213 4.2Feb23,608 -1.2Feb60,444 1.0Feb160,424 4.6
Mar16,299 -0.8Mar26,974 0.7Mar27,233 -2.3Mar70,505 -0.8Mar184,028 2.8
Q144,109 0.2Q174,065 3.2Q175,011 -1.4Q1193,184 0.7Q1512,338 4.5
Apr16,640 1.8Apr27,808 4.2Apr27,605 -3.5Apr72,054 0.6Apr186,321 3.8
May17,960 -0.8May30,829 4.0May29,960 -4.1May78,748 -0.3May196,985 2.6
Jun18,317 -2.2Jun31,220 2.0Jun29,837 -4.6Jun79,374 -1.5Jun197,490 2.1
Q252,918 -0.5Q289,857 3.4Q287,402 -4.1Q2230,177 -0.4Q2580,796 2.8
1st Half97,027-0.21st Half163,9223.31st Half162,413-2.91st Half423,3610.11st Half1,093,1343.6
Jul20,202 0.0Jul33,616 1.8Jul31,391 0.1Jul85,209 0.7Jul206,883 4.3
Aug20,228 -2.0Aug33,354 -1.2Aug31,037 -3.5Aug84,619 -2.2Aug205,016 0.5
Sep17,567 0.0Sep30,059 4.8Sep28,548 -3.9Sep76,174 0.3Sep191,159 4.1
Q357,997 -0.7Q397,029 1.6Q390,976 -2.4Q3246,002 -0.4Q3603,057 2.9
3 Qs155,023-0.43 Qs260,9512.73 Qs253,389-2.73 Qs669,363-0.13 Qs1,696,1913.4
Oct17,650 -0.1Oct30,081 4.2Oct29,054 -4.1Oct76,785 -0.1Oct195,095 3.5
Nov16,438 4.4Nov26,545 3.4Nov25,843 -1.6Nov68,826 1.7Nov177,619 4.7
Dec16,445 2.7Dec26,485 1.8Dec26,192 -2.3Dec69,122 0.4Dec181,245 4.9
Q450,532 2.2Q483,111 3.2Q481,089 -2.8Q4214,733 0.6Q4553,959 4.3
2nd Half108,5290.62nd Half180,1402.32nd Half172,065-2.62nd Half460,7340.12nd Half1,157,0163.6


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