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Traffic Volume Trends - Rural
Estimated Vehicle Miles (Millions) and Percent Change for 1993

Year 1993
Rural Interstate%Rural Other Arterial%Other Rural%Total Rural%All Systems%
Jan14,678 3.5Jan24,813 3.9Jan24,384 0.9Jan63,875 2.6Jan171,656 2.2
Feb13,940 2.3Feb23,570 1.5Feb23,028 -2.5Feb60,538 0.2Feb162,820 1.5
Mar16,538 1.5Mar27,267 1.1Mar27,305 0.3Mar71,110 0.9Mar187,842 2.1
Q145,155 2.4Q175,650 2.1Q174,718 -0.4Q1195,523 1.2Q1522,318 1.9
Apr16,921 1.7Apr28,201 1.4Apr26,670 -3.4Apr71,792 -0.4Apr188,710 1.3
May17,871 -0.5May30,836 0.0May29,491 -1.6May78,198 -0.7May205,951 4.6
Jun18,422 0.6Jun31,249 0.1Jun28,948 -3.0Jun78,619 -1.0Jun199,386 1.0
Q253,214 0.6Q290,286 0.5Q285,110 -2.6Q2228,609 -0.7Q2594,047 2.3
1st Half98,3691.41st Half165,9361.21st Half159,827-1.61st Half424,1320.21st Half1,116,3652.1
Jul20,501 1.5Jul33,930 0.9Jul30,754 -2.0Jul85,185 0.0Jul209,809 1.4
Aug20,349 0.6Aug33,565 0.6Aug30,404 -2.0Aug84,319 -0.4Aug209,604 2.2
Sep17,690 0.7Sep30,414 1.2Sep27,838 -2.5Sep75,942 -0.3Sep193,737 1.3
Q358,541 0.9Q397,909 0.9Q388,997 -2.2Q3245,447 -0.2Q3613,150 1.7
3 Qs156,9091.23 Qs263,8451.13 Qs248,824-1.83 Qs669,5790.03 Qs1,729,5162.0
Oct17,901 1.4Oct30,677 2.0Oct28,400 -2.3Oct76,979 0.3Oct197,765 1.4
Nov16,629 1.2Nov27,472 3.5Nov25,506 -1.3Nov69,607 1.1Nov182,296 2.6
Dec16,868 2.6Dec27,573 4.1Dec26,102 -0.3Dec70,543 2.1Dec186,802 3.1
Q451,398 1.7Q485,722 3.1Q480,007 -1.3Q4217,128 1.1Q4566,862 2.3
2nd Half109,9391.32nd Half183,6321.92nd Half169,004-1.82nd Half462,5750.42nd Half1,180,0122.0


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