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Traffic Volume Trends - Rural
Estimated Vehicle Miles (Millions) and Percent Change for 1998

Year 1998
Rural Interstate%Rural Other Arterial%Other Rural%Total Rural%All Systems%
Jan17,573 6.9Jan28,802 6.0Jan27,670 3.8Jan74,045 5.4Jan196,871 3.5
Feb16,856 4.5Feb27,676 3.3Feb26,350 1.7Feb70,882 3.0Feb187,167 1.7
Mar19,773 0.9Mar32,036 1.9Mar30,099 0.2Mar81,908 1.0Mar214,222 1.1
Q154,202 3.9Q188,514 3.7Q184,119 1.8Q1226,835 3.0Q1598,260 2.1
Apr20,740 5.2Apr33,110 6.4Apr31,395 3.7Apr85,245 5.1Apr217,921 3.1
May22,039 3.2May35,741 2.4May33,710 2.0May91,490 2.4May227,901 0.8
Jun22,400 6.0Jun35,774 2.5Jun33,601 3.7Jun91,775 3.8Jun228,732 2.9
Q265,179 4.8Q2104,625 3.6Q298,706 3.1Q2268,510 3.7Q2674,554 2.3
1st Half119,3814.41st Half193,1393.61st Half182,8252.51st Half495,3453.41st Half1,272,8142.2
Jul24,484 6.3Jul38,643 -0.4Jul35,477 2.6Jul98,604 2.3Jul239,944 1.4
Aug24,098 3.4Aug37,816 0.5Aug34,967 2.4Aug96,881 1.9Aug237,143 1.6
Sep20,808 5.3Sep34,391 2.9Sep32,121 3.2Sep87,320 3.6Sep219,461 2.8
Q369,390 5.0Q3110,850 0.9Q3102,565 2.7Q3282,805 2.5Q3696,548 1.9
3 Qs188,7714.63 Qs303,9892.63 Qs285,3902.63 Qs778,1503.13 Qs1,969,3622.1
Oct21,702 4.6Oct35,349 3.4Oct33,246 3.4Oct90,297 3.7Oct228,523 3.3
Nov20,420 5.0Nov32,101 4.8Nov29,897 3.9Nov82,418 4.5Nov211,178 4.3
Dec20,168 3.7Dec32,144 5.5Dec30,134 3.2Dec82,446 4.2Dec216,304 4.3
Q462,290 4.4Q499,594 4.5Q493,277 3.5Q4255,161 4.1Q4656,005 4.0
2nd Half131,6804.72nd Half210,4442.62nd Half195,8423.12nd Half537,9663.32nd Half1,352,5532.9


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