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Pennsylvania Division

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Division Teams

Pennsylvania Division Organizational Chart

Senior Leadership and Management
Name Position Phone Number /
Alicia Nolan Division Administrator 717-221-3461 alicia.nolan@dot.gov
Keith Lynch Deputy Division Administrator 717-221-4545 keith.lynch@dot.gov
Karyn Vandervoort Program Management Analyst 717-221-2276 karyn.vandervoort@dot.gov
Civil Rights
Khan Mitchell Civil Rights Specialist 717-221-3705 khan.mitchell@dot.gov


Administrative and Finance Team
Name Position Phone Number /
Financial Team
Sonya Mullins Acting Financial Manager / Team Leader 717-221-4516 sonya.mullins@dot.gov
Harmony Etzweiler Financial Specialist 717-221-3465 harmony.etzweiler@dot.gov
Sonya Mullins Financial Specialist 717-221-4516 sonya.mullins@dot.gov
Douglas A. Broughton, MAOM Assistant Transportation Financial Specialist 717-221-4560 doug.broughton@dot.gov
Admin Team
Nathan Klinger Administrative Assistant 717-221-3709 nathan.klinger@dot.gov
Denise Weiser Administrative Assistant (Contract) 717-221-4517 denise.weiser.ctr@dot.gov


Project Management and Engineering
Name Position Phone Number /
Tony Mento Director of Project Management and Engineering 717-221-3412 tony.mento@dot.gov
Pete Nanov, P.E. Engineering Coordinator / Transportation Engineer 717-221-3780 peter.nanov@dot.gov
George B. Fleagle IV, P.E. Senior Transportation Engineer 717-221-4518 george.fleagle@dot.gov
Clint H. Beck, P.E. Senior Transportation Engineer / Operations Engineer 717-221-3718 clint.beck@dot.gov
John Bork Transportation Engineer 717-221-3723 john.bork@dot.gov
Regina Majercak, P.E. Transportation Engineer 717-221-4422 regina.majercak@dot.gov
Jeff Engle, P.E. Transportation Engineer 717-221-4423 jeff.engle@dot.gov
Richard Kercher, P.E. Transportation Engineer 717-221-3727 richard.kercher@dot.gov
Veronica Feliciano Transportation Engineer 717-221-4541 veronica.feliciano@dot.gov
VACANT Senior Transportation Engineer / Safety Engineer    


Technical Services
Name Position Phone Number /
Jonathan Buck, P.E. Acting Director of Technical Services 717-221-4542 jonathan.buck@dot.gov
Jennifer A. Albert, Ph.D., P.E. Pavement / Materials Engineer 717-221-3410 jennifer.albert@dot.gov
C. Daniel Walston Transportation Operations Program Manager 717-221-2290 christopher.walston@dot.gov
Jonathan Buck, P.E. Senior Bridge Engineer 717-221-4542 jonathan.buck@dot.gov
Ezequiel "Zeke" Lujan, P.E. Assistant Bridge Engineer 717-221-3759 ezequiel.lujan@dot.gov


Program Development Team
Name Position Phone Number /
VACANT Director of Program Development 717-221-4585  
Matt Smoker Innovative Finance & Planning Implementation Manager 717-221-3703 matthew.smoker@dot.gov
Camille Otto Environmental Program Manager 717-221-2238 camille.otto@dot.gov
Barbara J. Shaffer, AICP Realty Program Manager 717-221-3704 barbara.shaffer@dot.gov
Jonathan P. Crum Environmental Protection Specialist 717-221-3735 jonathan.crum@dot.gov
Deboarah L. Suciu Smith Senior Environmental Protection Specialist 717-221-3785 deborah.suciu.smith@dot.gov
Jennifer Crobak, AICP Planning Program Manager 717-221-3440 jennifer.crobak@dot.gov
Andrea Ebur Environmental Specialist PDP 717-221-3442 andrea.ebur@dot.gov
Jamie Lemon Community Planner 717-221-3789 jamie.lemon@dot.gov
VACANT Community Planner    


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