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Subject: ACTION: Quality Assurance Review Summary Report for Fiscal Years 2003-2005 Date: May 10, 2006
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King W. Gee
Associate Administrator for Infrastructure
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To: Associate Administrators
Chief Counsel
Directors of Field Services
Resource Center Director and Operations Managers
Division Administrators
Federal Lands Highway Division Engineers

In my memorandum of May 3, 2005, which transmitted our Quality Assurance Stewardship Reviews summary report, I announced that the reviews would continue during FY 2005. Attached for your use is a copy of the updated summary report, which includes the findings from the reviews that were held from FY 2003 through FY 2005. At this time, I would like to thank the division offices and State personnel for their time and cooperation, which made these reviews a success.

The report covers both the positive findings and opportunities for improvement. For your Convenience, the additions reported as a result of the FY 2005 reviews are in "blue" text. As I did last year, I bring your attention to the section of the report covering the use of contractor test results under opportunities for improvement. This area generated the largest amount of concern. In particular, I am asking those divisions where a State uses contractor test results in the acceptance decision to review this part of the report to see if their State's program exhibits similar issues and take appropriate actions.

As indicated in the report, we are continuing the reviews in FY 2006 and beyond. A review has already been completed in the State of Virginia and commitments have been made to perform reviews in Nebraska, Wisconsin and Nevada.

Also noted in the report is a status of the efforts that have been made to increase the amount of resources that are available to help address issues in this area.

The report will be posted on both the Office of Pavement Technology and Office of Asset Management Web sites in the near future ( and A limited number of printed copies of the report will also be available upon request. If you have any questions concerning the report or other efforts in the quality assurance area, please contact Mr. Michael Rafalowski at 202-366-1571 or Mr. Ken Jacoby at 202-366-6503.

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