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Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Division

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About Us

Overview of the Federal Highway Administration

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) was established in 1967 as one of the operating administrations of the Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT). The agency has been in existence since 1893, and prior to 1967 was known by other names such as the Office of Road Inquiry and the Bureau of Public Roads. Through the years our name has changed, but our dedication to transportation in America has remained the same.

FHWA seeks to create the best transportation system in the world, through national leadership, innovation and streamlined program delivery.

The FHWA administers the Federal-aid highway program of financial assistance to the States for transportation construction and improvements. Funded through the Highway Trust Fund, the Federal-Aid Highway Program provides formula grants for States to plan, construct and rehabilitate an integrated, interconnected transportation system.

The FHWA is part of the Department of Transportation and the headquartered offices are in Washington, DC with field offices across the United States. The FHWA performs its mission through three main programs:

The Federal-aid Highway Program provides federal financial assistance to the states to construct and improve the National Highway System, urban and rural roads, and bridges. The program provides funds for general improvements and development of safe highways and roads.

The Federal Lands Highway Program provides access to and within national forest, national parks, Indian reservations, and other public lands by preparing plans, letting contracts, supervising construction facilities, and conducting bridge inspections and surveys.

The Technology Transfer Program to support all of these program areas, we conduct and manage a comprehensive research, development, and technology program.

FHWA Vision

Our agency and our transportation system are the best in the world.

FHWA Mission

The mission of FHWA is to deliver a world-class system that advances safe, efficient, equitable, and sustainable mobility choices for all while strengthening the Nation’s economy.

Core Values

These are our core values that help us define our purpose and our mission:

We serve the public by providing high-quality, timely products and services that address important transportation issues.

Safety, honesty, fairness, and accountability are at the core of all our interactions and processes. We have the courage to be innovative and to make tough, informed decisions.

We support, respond to, and are empathetic to both individual and family needs and provide comprehensive work-life balance flexibility to accommodate them.

We value our employees and stakeholders and celebrate our unique knowledge, skills, and abilities. We treat everyone courteously and conduct ourselves professionally.

Through a wide variety of learning opportunities, we nurture the development and use of leadership, technical, and professional skills, as well as the emotional intelligence and social skills, that enable all employees to pursue growth opportunities.

We develop and support a workforce that reflects the diversity of our country. We strive to be a model of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility by removing barriers to equitable opportunity.

We achieve success by enabling individuals, organizations, and all stakeholders to effectively engage each other on the development, delivery, and stewardship of a safe, efficient, equitable, and sustainable transportation system.

Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Division

The Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Division is located in the Caribbean. If you have any questions relating to highway transportation in Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands, you can call us at (787) 766-5600, and we will answer your questions or refer you to someone at the Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority or the Virgin Islands Department of Public Works who can give you an answer.

FHWA Vision in Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Division

The vision of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is to improve transportation in the U.S. Caribbean islands by enhancing mobility through innovation, leadership and public service; be a leader for national mobility, stewards for national highway programs and innovators for a better future. Safety, environmental stewardship, streamlining and congestion mitigation are vital elements of our endeavor.


The Federal Highway Administration Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Division is located at 350 Carlos Chardon Avenue, Suite 210, San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Chardon Tower's main entrance is located at the corner of Carlos Chardon Avenue and Cesar Gonzalez Avenue. Pay parking is on the back of the building and available for visitors.

If you are on Roosevelt Avenue (PR-23) heading east turn left at the Cesar Gonzalez Avenue. Continue North on Cesar Gonzalez Avenue and make a left on Carlos Chardon Avenue. The building will be on your left.

image of office location

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