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Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Division

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Current Projects

Federal Highway Administration Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands Division has more than 200 active projects in collaboration with several State and local agencies.

Improvements to the Num. 1096 On Guanajibo River
Street PR-102, Kilometer 36.0 San Germán, AC-010266/BCN0102066/ZP-102(21)

Project Description:

The proposed works consist of improvements to bridge No. 1096 over the Guanajibo River. It includes the rehabilitation of the super structure and sub structure of the bridge. The lateral construction of river flow control measures, stake board installation, steel railing replacement, water flow diversion, protective measures, traffic maintenance, pavement marking, installation of guard rails and other miscellaneous works.

Activities Conducted:
Casting of fluid concrete under footing to replace eroded material is finished. Dismantling and staking out the passage of the river on both sides.

It was completed board-stakes a complete side downstream of the bridge. And the second side is at 40%

Workers next to heavy machinery on one side of the bottom of a bridge. Top of the Bridge Road under repair. On the right side is a sign describing the project.

Emergency Works Hurricane Fiona
AC-828647/L009280647/ER-9999(590) Maricao

Project Description:
Emergency works to restore taxiing and traffic, protect the remaining facilities, and minimize the spread of damage. Works include, but are not limited to, construction of embankments, gabion walls, cyclopeas and/or RSS, taxiing reconstruction, pavement marking and installation of G/R.

Activities Conducted:

  • Task Order 1 PR-120 Km 14.3 – Gabion Installation
  • Task Order 2 PR-120 Km 19.9 – Gabion Installation
  • Task Order 3 PR-120 Km 18.00 Installation of MOT
  • Task Order 4 PR-120 Km 12.05 Installation of MOT
A group of men in safety vests working on a construction site.

Landslide correction PR-119, Km 44.1, 44.2 & 44.3 San Sebastiân AC-813579/

Project Description:

Proposed works include but are not limited to pavement reconstruction and preservation, replacement of 30" storm pipes, installation of temporary concrete barriers, installation of safety fences, improvements to the signage and replacement of thermoplastic line marking, construction of gabion walls and incidental miscellaneous works.

Activities Conducted:

  1. The meshes and wire for the wall of "green terramech" are placed in PR-119 Km 44.2 L/D. Then "borrow" and "topsoil" material is deposited on the meshes. There are very few meshes left to finish.

Orange and white barrels on a road where the improvement are made.

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