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Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology
Coordinating, Developing, and Delivering Highway Transportation Innovations

This report is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information
Publication Number: FHWA-RD-02-101
Date: January 2003

FY 2002 Performance Report

Appendix B: Services

The following charts outline the accomplishments over the past year in the area of technical and program support for FHWA R&T nationwide.

Office of Infrastructure R&D
Service Technical Contact Comments
Forensic evaluations of catastrophic failures or risk analysis in the areas of bridges and bridge components Bill Wright
Expertise obtained through laboratory and field research is applied to explain the cause of catastrophic structural failures and develop recommendations for remedial action.
Forensic evaluations of catastrophic failures or risk analysis in the areas of hydraulic erosion and bridge and culvert stability J. Sterling Jones
No services provided during FY 2002.
Forensic evaluations of catastrophic failures or risk analysis in the areas of seismic stability, nationally and internationally Hamid Ghasemi
Phil Yen
Participated in post-earthquake investigations of the Northridge earthquake (EQ) in the U.S., the Kobe EQ in Japan, the Kocaeli and Duzce EQs in Turkey, and the Chi-Chi EQ in Taiwan. The Turkish KGM (highway agency) requested further assistance from HRDI-07 office in retrofitting damaged and existing bridges.
Forensic evaluations of catastrophic failures or risk analysis in the areas of aerodynamic induced failures of bridges and bridge components Hal Bosch
Continued to monitor the post-retrofit wind response and behavior of the Deer Isle-Sedgwick Suspension Bridge. Evaluated possible cable vibrations on the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal cable-stayed bridge.
Studies to resolve unique or very complex design situations in hydraulic capacity, efficiency and effectiveness J. Sterling Jones
Flume studies were conducted for: (1) the Wisconsin Division Office to investigate danger to a 96” sanitary sewer from pier scour; (2) the Maryland DOT to investigate a cross vane concept to reduce culvert entrance scour; (3) FHWA to investigate a bridge clearance problem; and (4) Maryland DOT and design consultants for the Woodrow Wilson Bridge to investigate proposed solutions to a construction mishap. Work plans were negotiated with the South Dakota, Alaska, and Maryland DOTs to conduct culvert studies in the Hydraulics Lab.
Studies to resolve unique or very complex design situations in aerodynamic stability of bridge and bridge components Hal Bosch
Participated in several meetings about the preliminary design of the Blennerhassett Suspension Bridge. Completed field measurements of a new stay-cable system's dynamic properties on the Charles River Bridge.
Studies to resolve unique or very complex design situations in bridge foundations, abutments, and retaining walls Mike Adams
Provide technical input to FHWA field and State DOT engineers about the use of innovative geotechnical applications, including Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil (GRS) abutments and walls, micropiles, and data from the Geotech Research Database.
Testing new and innovative materials and projects Bob Kogler
Testing and evaluation focuses on high value-added, innovative materials that promise significant benefits over the current materials commonly used for highway applications. Materials such as HPS, ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC), fiber-reinforced polymers, and high-durability corrosion protection materials are investigated.
Technical expertise and consultation in bridge coatings and corrosion materials and techniques to other government agencies, States and industry groups Shuang-Ling Chong
Providing advice to States on the reliability and reproducibility of three of the most popular commercial test kits for determining chloride concentration on steel surfaces prior to bridge coating application.
Application, evaluation, and development of specialized instrumentation for nondestructive evaluation, measurement, and long-term monitoring of highway structures Glenn Washer
Assist States with technology for the detection of broken wires in cable stayed bridges. Imaging of post-tensioning strands in concrete beams, and detecting voids in the grouted post-tensioned ducts.
Application of bridge management information systems to better understand bridge performance and develop improved performance measures for bridges John Hooks
Studies involve NBI data mining to develop bridge condition prediction models, isolate causes of bridge deficiencies, develop performance measures, and develop innovative approaches to bridge management.
Forensic evaluations of early performance problems in asphalt and concrete pavements Marcia Simon
Conducted petrographic examination of pavement cores to identify the cause of premature distress (fine aggregate bands resulting from poor mixing) for the Wisconsin DOT.
Laboratory testing of new, innovative, and recycled materials used in pavement construction Tom Harman
Evaluated crumb-rubber material and recycled polyester fiber polymers in the laboratory and in performed full-scale testing.
Technical expertise, assistance, and laboratory testing support for field trials of new pavement materials and procedures Tom Harman
Evaluated polymer-modified materials in the laboratory and in full-scale testing at the FHWA pavement testing facility and in partnership with the National Center for Asphalt Technology.
Technical assistance in the application, testing, evaluation, and problem solving for construction quality control, quality assurance, performance related specifications, and warranties Peter Kopac
Analyzed the Pennsylvania DOT air content and compressive strength specifications; provided comments recommending a loosening of air content requirements; and discussed the comments with the FHWA Division Office.
Technical assistance and information on the application, testing, specifications, cost, and performance of recycled pavement materials Tom Harman
Asphalt team continues to provide technical assistance on a National basis to our State partners, industry, and FHWA Federal Lands.
Access to the world’s largest and most comprehensive pavement performance database. Technical assistance and consultation in pavement data usage Aramis Lopez
During the first and second quarters of 2002, the group received 378 customer requests for LTPP data and/or information. A detailed report of each request is available. Access methods to the LTPP customer office include e-mail, phone, or fax. OMB granted approval to conduct a yearly customer survey of the LTPP program via the Internet.
Services Not Reflected in 2002-2003 Plan
Forensic evaluation of concrete material problems Marcia Simon
Evaluated concrete problems in bridge decks for the transportation departments in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the District of Columbia.


Office of Operations R&D
Service Technical Contact Comments
Traffic Analysis & Modeling
Traffic Research Laboratory (TReL) Model Simulation and Problem Solving Studies Randy VanGorder
The TReL provides a support environment to the Advanced Traffic Management Simulator (ATMS) RD&T Team and ITS program. The following is a list of current support efforts: Simulation of Emergency Evacuations (Central Intelligence Agency study), air pollution simulation with Mort Oskard, WESTA (Weigh Station) Model Evaluation (exclusive bus lane simulation for Joint Program Office), Model Evaluation (Paramics, VISSIM, AIMSUN), Dynamic Traffic Assignment, ACS Lite support, railroad grade crossing preemption, demonstration and outreach activities.
Communication & Frequency Spectrum Support
Dedicated Short Range Communications Program Support for Standards and ITS Applications Jim Arnold
Providing technical analysis and general guidance for the development of a dedicated short-range communications standard at 5.9 gigahertz.
Ultrawide-Band Radar Technology Coordination Jim Arnold
Provide technical support for other FHWA offices on spectrum planning and allocation through National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and support Office of the Secretary of Transportation (OST) in their efforts to better understand the implications of ultrawide-band radar technology on existing users of the radio spectrum.
Frequency Spectrum Coordination for FHWA Jim Arnold
Support various organizations in FHWA to find appropriate spectrum for specific applications and work with the field and the United States Coast Guard (USCG) to ensure the availability of spectrum for various applications.


Office of Infrastructure R&D
Service Technical Contact Comments
Research Program Support
IVI Infrastructure Consortium Coordination & Leadership Bob Ferlis
Provide technical leadership in the development of intersection collision avoidance services.
U.S.-Japan ITS Joint Research Program Bob Ferlis
Identify promising opportunities for collaboration and assemble technical materials to share with Japan.
Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorological Education and Training for Road Weather Forecasting Rudy Persaud
This project will create a mesoscale network of hourly weather observations using Roadway Weather Information Systems. Target date is December 2002.
High-Speed Rail IDEA (Innovations Deserving Exploratory Analysis) Program Support Dave Gibson
Review technical proposals on high-speed rail. Receive approximately 20 proposals per year.
SBIR Program Support Dave Gibson
Coordinate submission of project statements to SBIR program.
University Research Program Coordination and Support Dave Gibson
Coordinate projects with Texas A&M and University of Central Florida. Provide feedback to Office of Operations.


Office of Infrastructure R&D
Service Technical Contact Comments
Human Centered Systems
Review potential safety effects of electronic billboards on driver attention and distraction Thomas Granda
Report delivered to Office of Real Estate Services (ORES). Customer was pleased and placed the report on their Web site.
Safety Analysis and Management
Research methods support and provide HSIS data to requesting parties Carol Tan Esse
Photometric and radiometric measurements of light sources, including traffic signals, vehicle headlamps and roadway lighting Ray Krammes
Spectro-radiometric measurement of light emitting diode (LED) traffic signal lights for Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE): support for colorimetric requirements in ITE specification.

Spectro-radiometric measurement of high intensity discharge (HID) headlights on hold pending National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) approval of selection of items to be measured.
Photometric and colorimetric measurements (including coefficient of retroreflectivity and fluorescence) of signing and marking materials Ray Krammes
Round-robin measurement of weathered sheeting for National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP).

Round-robin measurement of samples used by Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC) for evaluation of handheld retroreflectometers.

Series of bi-spectral measurements of fluorescent sheeting in support of proposed rule-making Office of Transportation Operations.


Office of Resource Management
Service Technical Contact Comments
Accountable Property Inventory Denise Seward
RD&T recently conducted a complete physical inventory of accountable property. The accountable property inventory maintained by the group is valued at 10-million dollars.
Employee Training and Professional Development Carol Roberts
Coordinated and provided computer training courses in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, HTML programming, Microsoft FrontPage 2000, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Provided professional development opportunities for employees through college courses on various engineering research subjects, including “Evaluation and Mitigation of Seismic Hazards,” “Mathematical Statistics,” and “Modeling and Simulation for Intelligent Transportation Systems.”

31 courses were funded for RD&T employees, in addition to the many FHWA courses given to employees at no cost.
Contracts and Procurements Sue Stanton
Coordinated mandatory COTR refresher training for 75 RD&T employees. Ensured that COTRs took the basic COTR training and the mandatory 4-hour annual refresher training.

Coordinated mandatory Ethics Training for RD&T COTR employees. 45 people attended the 8/6/2002 session held at TFHRC.

Total active contract actions: 194; contracts: 75; interagency agreements: 27; cooperative agreements: 22; purchase orders: 40; and allocations to the field: 30.


Office of Program Development & Evaluation
Service Technical Contact Comments
SBIR Review and Support John Munro
FHWA awarded a total of $3.3 million to 11 small businesses to conduct Phase II research projects as part of the SBIR program, and entered into cooperative agreements with 9 Minority Institutions of Higher Education for transportation research and technology activities valued at $444,772 (latest figures available 9/5/2002).
Transportation Pooled Fund Program Lisa Williams
HRPD provided administrative assistance to States and sponsoring organizations interested in establishing pooled fund projects by reviewing and processing requests; circulating proposals for technical review; and updating information on the FHWA’s transportation pooled fund Web site.

115 FHWA-led projects—projects valued at approximately $38 million; $20 million remaining available to the projects with an average of 10 partners and the average study valued at $450,000.

150 State-led projects—valued at approximately $50 million. There was an average of 5 State partners per study with the average study valued at $575,000.

Web site makes the program more efficient and provides interactive, online solicitations, and commitments by project partners. We also disseminate other relevant information through the Web site. Improvements were made in the response times for closing transportation pooled fund study completed projects. As of August 2002, the HRPD advised the Finance Office to close 14 projects.
Transportation Research Board Bill Zaccagnino
Contract managed by HRPD to provide technical expertise access to TRB.

HRPD support provided for the TRB annual meeting.

Coordination done of NCHRP support, balloting, and solicitation of problem statements.


Office of Research and Technology Services





Contact Brief summary of the nature of services performed Number frequency of services of FY 02 Estimates
Periodical Publications
- Public Roads
- Transporter (monthly)
- Focus (monthly)
Communications Team
Develop issue themes and articles to support FHWA research, development, technology transfer, best practices, lessons learned, and outreach.

Develop article(s) content and guide writers for appropriate story angle and audience.

Cradle-to-final-product publication services; including all writing/editing phases, style guidelines and design layout, other camera-ready preparation services, printing, Web site HTML conversion, distribution list preparation, and initial distribution.
Strategic Marketing and Communications Plans Internal Both Strategic
Communications Team
Work with COTRs and project managers on marketing and/or communications plans to reach goals, including suggesting the appropriate marketing tools for reaching the target audience(s), such as events, public affairs, publications, videos, etc. Set production schedules. When needed
RD&T Research Reports and other Publications Internal Both Strategic
Communications Team
Cradle-to-final-product publication services; including all writing/editing phases, style guidelines and design layout, other camera-ready preparation services, printing, Web site HTML conversion, distribution list preparation, and initial distribution. 34
Editing and Printing RD&T Performance Plans, Directories, Brochures, Pamphlets, Laboratory Fact Sheets, etc. Internal Both Strategic
Cradle-to-final-product publication services; including all writing/editing phases, style guidelines and design layout, other camera-ready preparation services, printing, Web site HTML conversion, distribution list preparation, and initial distribution.

Developing marketing brochure/pamphlet contents.

Strategic marketing and communications plans and products.
Other Publications
Wazzup Newsletter
Technology Talks (TT) Newsletter




Communications Team
Marketing Team
Develop story ideas. Complete editing and final printing/distribution.

Compile TT Newsletter and distribute electronically.



Full-Service RD&T Web Site Content and HTML Programming Support Internal Both Strategic
Complete document preparation with HTML coding, and PDF preparation for thousands of pages of RD&T reports, directories, newsletters, brochures, etc. - 1,000s of HTML coded text pages
(508 compliant)
- PDF documents
RD&T Tour Services Both Both Strategic
Full-service support. Prepare agendas and handout materials for tour groups. Schedule and coordinate tours with RD&T labs, speakers. Arrange for meeting room(s), audio/visual needs, refreshments (i.e., lunches, coffee breaks), etc. Approximately
1,200 individuals
FHWA Exhibit Events Program Support Services Internal External Marketing Team
Warehouse storage and shipping of FHWA program displays and conference handouts.

Full-service support of FHWA program office exhibitions for all of FHWA, and OST.
Exhibit shipping services for 110 events
Full-Service support for 10 national FHWA cross-cutting events
FHWA R&T Report Center/TRC Both Both Marketing Team
Management of R&T Report Center, distributing hard copy publications, and CD-ROMS to FHWA customers, nationally and abroad. Approximately
8,000 mailings
FHWA Meeting and Conference Support Services Internal Internal Marketing Team
Full-service support for logistics planning and support of FHWA-sponsored meetings for program offices. Services include hotel meeting space rental, meeting invitations and announcements, invitational travel, speaker(s) support, etc. 11
Audio/Visual/Computer Marketing Productions
Photography, VHS Tape or Digital Filming, Computer Presentation Services, and CD reproductions
Internal Internal Marketing Team

Multimedia Services for RD&T program offices for still photography, VHS or digital filming services, computer presentations preparation, and compact disk (CD) production or duplication (i.e., photographs, promotional VHS tapes, short movies, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, CD productions for presentations). As required.
Frequency is often
Technology and Innovation
“Raising the Bar”
Both Both Marketing Team
Meetings and other logistical arrangements. Assist with preparing documents and meeting handout materials, purchase and supply TRB reports, and other support activities. Full-Support

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