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Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology
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Publication Number: FHWA-RD-02-101
Date: January 2003

FY 2002 Performance Report

Appendix D: FHWA Educational Outreach Partnerships

To encourage a new generation of transportation professionals, TFHRC annually gives hundreds of students the opportunity to learn firsthand, about the career options available to them in transportation research. Outreach programs with local schools and active participation in such programs as the Garrett A. Morgan Technology and Transportation Futures Program, a U.S. DOT-wide initiative, provides opportunities to increase awareness of transportation and related skills among children and adults. Since its inception in 1997, the program has increased awareness of math, science, and transportation technology for two-million children and young adults. Programs like this one find and develop our future workforce.

The Summer Transportation Intern Program for Diverse Groups
Since 1991, the U.S. DOT headquarters has provided 10-week summer college-level STIPDG internships. In 1999, it expanded to include field office placements for a maximum of 100 students each year.

The NSTI for Secondary Students
The Institute has provided 4-week opportunities for 9th to 11th graders on as many as 35 college campuses since 1993.

University Transportation Centers Program (UTCP)
UTCP funds 33 University Transportation Centers that address transportation issues and attract researchers, resources, and facilities to promote individual initiatives and scientific innovations in a variety of transportation modes and disciplines. The UTCP receives $227.8 million in funding through the duration of TEA-21. FHWA transfers funds to the RSPA to administer this program.

The University Transportation Education Resource Catalog
This catalog provides information on DOT and FHWA educational initiatives, along with Web site links to transportation-related opportunities.

The National Highway Institute (NHI)
NHI is FHWA’s technical training organization, which develops and administers transportation-related training and educational programs that support new technology applications for planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, and rehabilitating our Nation’s transportation infrastructure. NHI offers training to Federal, State, and local transportation agencies, and increasingly, to the private sector. NHI provides technical course materials for inclusion in undergraduate and graduate curricula, and collaborates with community colleges, technical schools, and secondary and grade schools to identify the transportation professionals of tomorrow.

Minority Institutes of Higher Education (MIHE)
One of FHWA’s goals is to strengthen the ties between the RD&T program and Minority Institutes of Higher Education (MIHE). There are several ways for achieving this goal. For example, we provide research grants and offer summer employment opportunities for MIHE faculty and students. This fosters MIHE RD&T activities that contribute substantially to FHWA’s mission and prepare faculty and students at MIHE to participate successfully in the competitive research arena.

Competitive Assistance Program
The Competitive Assistance Program enables MIHE participants to compete solely with one other for cooperative, cost-sharing agreements. This partnership between MIHE and FHWA expands MIHE’s research and technology activities while contributing to FHWA’s mission.

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