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Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology
Coordinating, Developing, and Delivering Highway Transportation Innovations

This report is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-05-040
Date: March 2005

Office of Research, Development, and Technology FY 2004 Performance Report

RD&T Organizational Chart - Text Description

This organization chart depicts the RD&T's structure and organizational components.

Dennis Judycki, Associate Administrator*

Debra Elston, Director for Research, Technology and Innovation Deployment

Leadership Council

Office of Resource Management, Doreen McCarthy, Director

Offices within RD&T

Office of Infrastructure R&D

Paul Teng, Director

Steve Chase, Research Program Manager for Infrastructure

Doug Brown, Program Coordinator

Ian Friedland, Technical Director, Bridges & Structures R&D

Cheryl Richter, Technical Director, Pavement R&D

Richard Livingston, Advanced Research Coordinator

Bridge Design and Construction Team, Bob Kogler, Team Leader

Bridge Safety, Reliability, and Security Team, Sheila Duwadi, Team Leader

Infrastructure Inspection and Mgmt. Team, Joseph Hartmann, Acting Team Leader.

Pavement Materials and Construction Team, Tom Harman, Team Leader

Pavement Design and Performance Modeling Team, Katherine Petros, Team Leader

Long-Term Pavement Performance Team, Aramis López, Team Leader

Office of Safety R&D

Michael Trentacoste, Director

Michael Griffith, Technical Director for Safety

Jack Jernigan, Technology Facilitator

Roadside Team, Leonard Meczkowski, Team Leader

Roadway Team, Ray Krammes, Team Leader

Safety Management Team, Carol Tan, Team Leader

Human Centered Systems Team, Tom Granda, Team Leader

Office of Operations R&D

Toni Wilbur, Director

Robert Ferlis, Technical Director for Operations

Travel Management Team, Raj Ghaman, Team Leader

Enabling Technologies Team, Gene McHale, Team Leader

Office of Program Development and Evaluation

Marci Kenney, Director

Tom Krylowski, Senior Program Manager

Donna McEnrue, Quality Coordinator and RD&T Leadership Council Secretariat

Office of Research & Technology Services

John McCracken, Director

Strategic Communications Team, Martha Soneira, Team Leader

Technology Marketing Team, Terry Halkyard, Team Leader

Technical Reference Center

R&T Product Distribution Center

* The Associate Administrator for Research, Development, and Technology also directs the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center.

** Proposed office.

January 2005

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Appendix A – R&D Research Project Status

1. The close-up photo of a state trooper sitting in his parked cruiser shows him looking at a monitor with a keyboard. Through his windshield, there is a large, brick building on his left and a house with a white garage door directly ahead of him in the background.

2. This photo shows a male and female worker inside a building, setting up equipment. The man is assembling a tripod while the woman is unpacking canvas bags. A computer monitor displaying graphics on the screen sits behind them in the background.

3. This photo shows a semi-rural road with a signed intersection without a signal. The main road is four lanes wide with a white passing lane on the left and a solid non-passing lane on the right. The median marker has a wide yellow variegated stripe in the middle and two narrower solid stripes with pavement in between them. In the foreground, the road has metal barrier fence with lighting on the right lane background.

4. This photo shows three men in hard hats standing near testing apparatus that is measuring the properties of a large concrete section. Computer monitoring equipment sits on a stand in the right foreground.

5. This photo shows a plow on an orange flat-bed state highway truck which is plowing a large expanse of pavement from the right of the photo moving to the left. The terrain is flat, the weather is cloudy, and the snow is minimal without drifts.

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Appendix B – RD & T Services

1. This photo shows an engineer in an office with a clipboard at a computer monitor analyzing pictures depicting two lengths of road. His desk also has a rolodex and a note pad holder; his clock reads 10:10.

2. This photo shows the blue cover of a DOT publication entitled Distress Data Consolidation Final Report with a highway graphic in lighter blue tone.

3. This photo shows the cover a DOT publication entitled Public Roads. The picture on the cover is a conifer forest with a huge flume waterfall that extends from the top to the bottom of the photo. An arch bridge bisects the ravine. The featured article is “Transportation and the Environment.”

4. This photo shows two men in hard hats conducting tests under a stretch of raised highway that includes piping held by metal straps. The worker on the right holds a black box with a wire while the other worker attaches a sensor to a large, metal bolt. A cable extends up into the concrete of the road above.

5. This photo shows six men in an office. Five are reviewing large sheets on a table while the sixth uses a white board in the background. All the men are wearing shirts and ties.

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Appendix C – RD&T Customer Outreach Activities

1. This photo shows six workers wearing hardhats and orange vests. They are analyzing road cracks and concrete repairs. A car and an orange warning cone appear in the background of the flat terrain.

2. This photo shows a man behind a counter shaking hands with another man. A third man is seated in the foreground. What appears to be a guest sign-in book with pens sits open on the counter.

3. This photo shows five people who appear to be at an opening ceremony. One man in the foreground holds a roll of plans and the other man is pressing a button attached to a coiled length which appears connected to a metal structure with a door.

4. This photo shows four men in orange vests, hard hats and safety glasses at a construction site. The one on the far right is pointing and explaining. A curved concrete superstructure with metal stairs and platforms appears in the background.

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Appendix D – Market-Ready Technologies

1. This photo shows one of the elements of the Office of Infrastructure Technical Seminar Series. A worker in an orange highway vest conducts lab analysis on a sample.

2. This photo shows three lanes of highway traveling in one direction. Just off the shoulder two workers in orange highway vests are riding on the back of an open mobile unit that has posted a speed-limit sign of 65 mph. Eight orange highway cones isolate this mobile unit from oncoming traffic.

3. This photo shows scaffolding around two concrete piers. Cranes are hoisting a concrete crosspiece to set it on the piers.

4. This photo shows a worker at a free-standing computer terminal inputting or monitoring data. Blue tape readings are printing from the machine.

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Appendix E – FHWA Research and Technology Partnerships

1. This photo shows a woman inserting a yellow square into a black metal ring with equipment for analysis in the foreground and a CPU in the background.

2. This photo shows a man in a suit offering an explanation to four visitors identified with badges. The man in the foreground holds a camera and looks on the verge of taking a picture.

3. This photo shows an outdoor test site. The blue test car’s tires are divided in four with the pie shapes alternately painted black and yellow.

4. This photo shows a man performing 3-D modeling. He has a work station table, a large computer monitor showing the model in the foreground and output on the background wall.

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