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Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology
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Publication Number: FHWA-RD-01-137
Date: September 2001

Research, Development, and Technology - FY 2002/2003 Performance Plan

Challenges & Commitments

Our Vision for the Future, Management Philosophy, and Top Challenges & Commitments

To guide our Business and Performance Plan, the RD&T Leadership Council has a vision to conduct research and provide products and services that are essential, indispensable, and connected to our customers and partners. We are committed to continuing our quality journey; to initiating improvements in programs, processes, and the quality of work life; to conducting outstanding research; and to providing services that "drive" the achievement of FHWA strategic goals and performance indicators. Our Top Challenges and Commitments for exceeding partner and customer expectations are to:

Effectively Deliver Needed Products and Services by:

Developing quality research products and services that address the needs of our internal customers and external partners in a timely manner; and

Improving collaboration, communication, and feedback on research and technology with the FHWA Resource Centers and Division Offices.

Improve Business and Administrative Processes by:

Developing and implementing a lab assessment process to routinely provide independent feedback to improve the quality of laboratory services and lab-based research programs;

Effectively utilizing research resources and efficient operations of the RD&T facilities, organization, and programs; and

Defining and implementing methodologies/tools to evaluate projects and conduct performance measurement of research at TFHRC.

Advancing information technologies and systems to address the unique needs of a world class research organization.

Develop and Recognize Employees by:

Mentoring and through Individual Development Plans (IDP) that build skills and agency research capacity and competence; and

Providing an improved award and recognition program that values achievements, is directly linked to team accomplishment, and advances the RD&T Leadership Council Action Agenda.

Communicate the FHWA R&T Story and Future Agenda by:

Developing an improved and "consumable" statement of FHWA R&T initiatives and focus areas;

Gathering and reporting on FHWA achievements in delivering technology and innovation in collaboration with FHWA headquarters and field offices;

Identifying national research program priorities, resources, and funding needs with our partners, through activities such as the National R&T Partnership Initiative and Future Strategic Highway Research Program; and

Building a common advocacy for an enhanced national R&T program and legislative agenda.

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