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Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology
Coordinating, Developing, and Delivering Highway Transportation Innovations

This report is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information
Publication Number: FHWA-RD-01-137
Date: September 2001

Research, Development, and Technology - FY 2002/2003 Performance Plan


RD&T successfully completed these products for our customers and partners. Products are also the result of research that has been delivered in the form of reports or test results.


Run Off Road Prevention & Mitigation

Interactive Highway Design Safety Design Model (IHSDM) Beta Tests on:

Policy Review Module

Design Consistency Module

All-Weather Pavement Markings Study and Findings

(Roadway Team)

Enhanced Night Visibility Project Pilot Test Results (Roadway Team)

Crash Test Simulation Models at National Crash Analysis Center for:


18,000-lb Single-Unit Trucks (Roadside Team)

Vehicle Crash Testing and Results for Transitions, Cable Guardrails, and Buried-in-Back Slope Terminals (Roadside Team)

R&D Program Plan to Address Rollover Crashes (Roadside Team)

Synthesis of Shoulder Rumble Strip Practices and Policies (Roadway Team)

Pedestrian & Bicycle

Pedestrian/Bicycle Crash Analysis Tool (PBCAT) Software (Roadway Team)

ITS Pedsmart: ITS Pedestrian Safety Applications Webpage (Roadway Team)

Current Practices of Shoulder Rumble Strips (Roadway Team and Human Centered Systems Team)

Safety Management Systems

Highway Safety Information System (HSIS) Summary Reports on:

Red Light Running

High Priority Roadside Safety (Safety Management Team)

Geographic Information System (GIS) Safety Analysis Tool:

Version 2.0 (Safety Management Team)

Initiate Comprehensive Highway Safety Improvement Model project (Safety Management Team)

Safety Data Analytical Support to the Safety Core Business Unit & Field (Safety Management Team)

Speed Management

Traffic Calming: State of the Practice Report (Roadway Team)


Roundabouts Information Guide (Roadway Team)

Advantages of the Split Intersection (Roadway Team)

Human Centered Systems

Truck Rest Stop Study & Report to Congress (Roadway Team and Human Centered Systems Team)

Review of Potential Safety Effects of Electronic Billboards on Driver Attention and Distraction (Human Centered Systems Team)

Intelligent Vehicle Initiative (IVI)

Assessment of Societal and Institutional Issues for IVI (Enabling Technologies Team)

Identification of Sensor-Friendly Vehicle and Roadway Methods (Enabling Technologies Team)



Seismic Risk Assessment, Bridge Retrofitting, and Retrofitting of Other Highway Structures Manuals (Bridge Design and Hazard Mitigation Team)

New Permeability Tests for Concrete (High-Performance Bridge Materials Team)

Bridge Foundations Innovative Load Testing Procedures (Geotechnical Team)


IVESYS (Pavement-Performance Prediction Model); VSIM (Vehicle Dynamic Model); and EAROMAR (Pavement Life-Cycle Cost Model) Improvements (Infrastructure Inspection and Management Team)

ROSAN Gyroscopic Cross-Slope Measurement Prototype Device (Infrastructure Inspection and Management Team)

Hot-Mix Asphalt Construction Prototype Performance-Related Specifications (Asphalt Pavement Team)

Measure the Workability of PCC Prototype Test Equipment and Procedure (Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Team)

PCCP Improved PaveSpec Software for Developing Performance-Related Specifications

(Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Team)

DataPave, Product Training, Rigid Pavement Design, and LTPPBind (Long Term Pavement Performance Team)


Traffic Management Systems/ITS

Transportation Management Center (TMC) National Pooled Fund Project: Develop Plan and Initiate Studies (Traffic Management Team & Human Centered Systems Team)

Preliminary Human Factors Guidelines for TMCs (Human Centered Systems Team)

ErgoTMC Multimedia Web Site and Advanced TMC Workshop to Support Preliminary Human Factor Guidelines for TMCs (Human Centered Systems Team)

ITS Deployment Analysis System (IDAS) (Traffic Management Team)

Advanced Transportation Controller and Cabinet Specifications (Traffic Management Team)

Traffic Software Integrated System (TSIS), Version 5.0 (Traffic Management Team)

Advanced Traffic Management System Research Analysis Database System (ARADS)


Timber Bridge Inspection Manual (Bridge Design and Hazard Mitigation Team)

Culvert Installation for AASHTO Bridge Specifications Recommended Provisions (Bridge Design and Hazard Mitigation Team)

Micropiles in Seismic Areas Design Guidelines Manual (Geotechnical Team)

Comprehensive Summary of U.S. Bridge Conditions and Compositions (Infrastructure Inspection and Management Team)


Superpave Binder Fatigue Criteria in ALF Experiment Validation (Asphalt Pavement Team)

HIPERPAV Software and Suporting Documentation (Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Team)


Highway Effects on Vehicle Performance (Corrosion and Coatings Team)

Environmental Impact of Construction and Repair Materials on Surface and Ground Waters (Corrosion and Coatings Team)

Evaluations of Near Highway Dispersion Mechanics for Air Pollutants (Corrosion and Coatings Team)

Investigation of Environmental Impacts of Recycled Materials (Corrosion and Coatings Team)

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