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This report is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information
Publication Number: FHWA-RD-06-067
Date: March 2006

Guidelines for The Collection of Long-Term Pavement Performance Data

Chapter 11. Field Materials Sampling and Laboratory Testing Data

11.1 Introduction

Materials data include the data necessary to characterize the various layers of each test section. The following categories of materials data are collected:

The material testing data represent the condition of the material at the time of sampling and testing. Therefore, these results may incorporate the effects of the season and the pavement age at time of sampling and testing.

The primary objective of this testing program is to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the pavement layer structure and layer thicknesses of the pavement materials used in each section or project. The work is accomplished by core drilling, augering, test pit opening, sampling, and nuclear density testing along with the subsequent performance of a suite of laboratory material characterization tests. To facilitate the collection of these data, standard laboratory testing protocols and data entry sheets have been developed for recording all data collected in the field and in the laboratory.

The DCG provides some general information regarding the collection of materials data with respect to the LTPP program. Other documents, referenced below, provide more detailed information about the appropriate methodologies to be used in obtaining and reporting these data.

11.2 Sampling

A different approach has been taken in the materials sampling for the GPS experiments and the SPS experiments. In addition, the sampling approach for each SPS experiment is different. Therefore, a separate materials sampling guide was prepared for the GPS test sections, and there is a specific guide for each of the SPS experiments. For each SPS project, a unique sampling and testing plan was prepared before construction of the project. The SPS experiment-specific guidelines provide the approach to be used in preparing the project-specific plans.

11.2.1 GPS Sampling Guidelines

11.2.2 SPS Sampling Guidelines

Below are the references for the sampling guidelines for use in each SPS experiment.

11.3 Testing

This guide provides detailed instructions for performing and documenting laboratory testing and information on laboratory processing of samples. It also contains the individual protocols used in laboratory testing along with the methods for disposing of the samples once testing has been completed. The revisions listed below generally include the submittal of a new or revised protocol for a particular test via a materials directive.

Additional revisions were made to the guides via directive. Table 3 provides the date, directive number and basic description of each of these revisions.

Table 3. Revision to Interim Guide for Laboratory Materials Handling and Testing

Directive Date Description
M–01 October 1, 1992 Revised protocol P07
M–02 October 1, 1992 Revised protocol P42
M–03 July 15, 1993 Revised protocols P05, P06, P07, P14, P14A, P24, P33, P46, P67
M–04 March 1, 1994 Protocol P60 and revised protocol P61, P62, and P64
M–07 February 8 ,1995 Revised protocol P68
M–08 November 30, 1995 Revised data sheet H01, protocol H01L, and protocol H02L
M–09 March 18, 1996 Form L03 for SPS–1 and forms H02L, H03L, and H04L
M–10 June 6, 1996 Revised protocol P05
M–11 August 8, 1996 Revised protocol P46
M–13 January 8, 1997 Revised protocol data sheet T56
M–14 July 21, 1997 Added table 1B providing testing program for asphalt overlays to appendix G
M–17 December 11, 1997 Deletion of test procedure AE04
M–21 October 12, 1999 Transmittal of protocol P63
M–22 March 10, 2000 Revised protocol P05
M–34 September 28, 2001 Revised protocol P07

A separate document has been prepared to provide guidance on the methodology used in establishing the pavement structure on the various test sections at SPS projects.

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