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This report is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-06-132
Date: December 2006

Long-Term Pavement Performance Program Manual for Falling Weight Deflectometer Measurements

Chapter 12. Data Handling Procedures


If conditions permit, the operator should process all FWD data collected at a site using FWDConvert and FWDScan before leaving the site. The operator should resolve errors generated by FWDScan and note any necessary changes to the file for correction by office personnel. A backup of the Pavement Deflection Data Exchange (PDDX) file should be made on removable media. This backup, along with the original on the FWD data collection computer, should be kept in the FWD until the office acknowledges receipt. If conditions do not allow the operator to do this work before leaving the site, the operator should do the work as soon as convenient, but no more than 24 hours after data collection.

The operator should submit completed copies of forms F01, F02, and F05 to the office along with the electronic FWD data.


Electronic data should be received from the field along with completed copies of forms F01, F02, and F05. RSC office personnel should verify that the information on these forms corresponds to the electronic data received. Office personnel should resolve discrepancies before processing further data.

Even though the operator processed the data with FWDScan in the field, office personnel should process it through FWDScan in the office. The Office personnel should review FWDScan output  and investigate warnings or errors present in the output file. If office personnel make modifications to the data file, the information should be reprocessed through FWDScan. Upload of a file in which FWDScan found errors may cause referential problems in the LTPP Pavement Performance Database, and uploading such a file should be done only with the approval of the regional database manager.

FWD data files should be uploaded to the Regional Information Management System (RIMS) using the most recent version of the upload filter provided for that purpose. Manual temperature measurements should be entered using the RIMS form provided for that purpose.

Office personnel should archive the PDDX data file and paper forms according to the latest version of the applicable LTPP General Operations (GO) directives.

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