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This list of protocol worksheets is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information
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Publication Number:  N/A    Date:  2015
Publication Date: 2015


List of LTBP Program Protocol Worksheets

These protocol worksheets are a part of the Federal Highway Administration’s Long-Term Bridge Performance (LTBP) Program Protocols, Version 1 (Publication No.: FHWA-HRT-16-007). To ensure that LTBP Program data are collected in a consistent manner over the duration of the program, data collection protocols were developed for data collection, mining of bridge legacy data, visual inspection, sampling and testing of concrete materials, and nondestructive evaluation of bridges, as well as data management and storage.

The following worksheets, along with the appropriate protocols to which they refer can be used for collecting, recording, and storing data.  If specific protocol worksheets are desired, they can be found at the links provided below.  For more information, please contact Robert Zobel at robert.zobel@dot.gov or Yamayra Rodriguez at yamayra.rodriguez@dot.gov.

Download a zipped file containing all protocols. Or, select individual protocol worksheets using the links below. (These worksheets use Microsoft Excel. If you do not have the Excel worksheet program, you may download a reader here.)

Previsit Protocols (PRE)

Existing Documentation (ED)

Bridge Documentation Protocols (BD)

Legacy Data Mining Protocols (LD)

Preliminary Planning and Logistics (PL)

Logistics Protocols (LO)

Field Visit Protocols (FLD)

Onsite Pretest Activities (OP)

Site Preparedness Protocols (SP)

Spatial Context Protocols (SC)

Field Data Collection (DC)

Photography Protocols (PH)

Material Sampling Protocols (MS)

Nondestructive Evaluation Protocols (NDE)

Visual Inspection—Steel Elements Protocols (VIS)

Visual Inspection—Concrete Elements Protocols (VIC)

Visual Inspection—Bearings Protocols (VIB)

Visual Inspection—Joints Protocols (VIJ)

Data Storage (DS)

Local Storage Protocols (LS)

Remote Storage Protocols (RS)




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