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This report is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-05-116
Date: July 2006

Lesson 16: Bicycle Facility Maintenance

This photograph shows a woman with a push broom who is cleaning a wide shared use path. Her bicycle is also parked on the path and include a trailer that contains maintenance equipment.

Lesson Outline

  • Maintenance objectives.
  • Typical process.
  • Common problems.
  • User feedback.

Maintenance Objectives

  • Strive to keep facilities hazard-free.
  • Encourage reporting of hazards.
  • Design and build facilities with maintenance in mind.
  • Program for maintenance.

The photograph shows a new paved street with a newly striped bike lane. Debris (appears to be grass clippings and small brush) has accumulated in the right half of the bike lane.

Implementation Planning

  • Identify implementers.
  • Review policies and practices.
  • Review results.
  • Recommend changes.
  • Create spot improvement program.
  • Evaluate the process.

Typical Maintenance Problems

  • Surface problems:
    – Debris, pavement quality, snow removal.
  • Vegetation:
    – Encroaching vegetation (trees and grass).
  • Signing and marking:
    – Uniform and usable condition.

Feedback from Users

This photograph shows a postcard that is used to identify and report road maintenance issues. The card identifies the type of problem, the location, a description for why it is a problem, and an area to describe what the reporter thinks should be done about the problem.

Source: Vermont Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition, http://www.vtbikeped.org

Lesson Summary

  • Maintenance is an important function.
  • Formulate program objectives.
  • Develop implementation plan.



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