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What is the DOT Secretarial Initiiative for Ped & Bike Safety?

It's a new national effort to promote walking and bicycling as safe, efficient, and healthy ways to travel. This Initiative joins American citizens, government agencies, and private sector organizations to foster the development of a more balanced national transportation system.

By the Year 2000, the Initiative will:

Three Main Components Awareness

Nationwide, 15% of all traffic fatalities are pedestrians or bicyclists, and in large cities they account for nearly half of all traffic fatalities. This Initiative will raise awareness of the safety problem and advantages of walking and bicycling through special events, training, and programs.


The Initiative will supply a "toolbox" of the best available "tools" to help communities achieve their specific goals. Communities will choose what tools they need.

Tools will be organized by target groups and contain information about existing enforcement, engineering, and education programs, plus outreach and technical assistance programs. Partnership For A Walkable America: Enhancing Health, Access, and Safety

The Secretarial Initiative has joined with national organizations, agencies, businesses and individuals to form a public/private partnership dedicated to making America more walkable. This independent alliance will focus on strategies to increase safety and access for walking and to promote the health benefits of increased walking.

Publication No. FHWA-SA-96-058 April 1996p>

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