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The Partnership for a Walkable America is a new alliance of public and private organizations, and individuals who are committed to promoting the changes needed to make America more walkable. The organization, while working closely with the DOT Secretarial Initiative for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety and other federal projects, functions as an independent alliance. The Partnership represents safety, health, and recreation interests of all populations including senior citizens and children. Anyone interested in making America a better place for walking is invited to participate.


We have overlooked and undervalued walking for too long. Pedestrians are the invisible road users and walking is the forgotten transportation mode. These problems directly affect the number of pedestrian fatalities and injuries that occur each year. Our standard of living is reduced because the very design of many communities makes it difficult or dangerous for those who want to walk. Our nation is often not walkable.


Improved Safety -- Make walking in America safer by reducing motor-vehicle related deaths and injuries. To do this, the Partnership aims to create greater awareness of the safety problems faced by people who walk, and to increase citizen demand for solutions to these problems. For example, see

Increased Pedestrian Access -- Create demand for greater and easier access to places for people who want to walk. Provide information about how to achieve walkable communities. The Partnership will help ensure that the needs and concerns of pedestrians are part of the decision making process that determines what communities are like.

Promote the Health Benefits of Walking -- Encourage walking as one of the easiest ways for Americans to improve their health and lower health care costs. The benefits of walking, as a form of exercise, can be tremendous in terms of well-being and reduced health care costs.


Identify safety, environmental, and policy changes that are needed to make America more walkable. Promote pedestrian safety and accessibility, and encourage walking as an important transportation option. Highlight situations and approaches that are particularly good or bad for walking. Educate the public and policy makers about the importance of a walkable community and how to achieve it.

For more information contact: Harold Thompson, Ph.D., National Safety Council, 1121 Spring Lake Drive, Itasca, IL 60143-3201, 708-285-1121, ext. 2383

Publication No. FHWA-SA-96-059 April 1996

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