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Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU)

Fact Sheets on Highway Provisions


Year 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Authorization $0 $6.25M $6.25M $6.25M $6.25M

Program Purpose

The Truck Parking Facilities program is a pilot program that provides funding to address the shortage of long-term parking for commercial vehicles on the National Highway System.

Statutory References

SAFETEA-LU Section: 1305


Funded by contract authority, to remain available until expended. Funds are subject to the overall Federal-aid obligation limitation and are not transferable.

States, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), and local governments are eligible recipients of program funds. To receive funds, a State, MPO or local government must submit an application.

Funding priority will be given to applicants that:

  • demonstrate a severe shortage of commercial vehicle parking in the corridor
  • have consulted with affected State and local governments, community groups, providers of commercial vehicle parking, and motorist and trucking organizations
  • demonstrate that their proposed projects are likely to have positive effects on highway safety, traffic congestion or air quality

Eligible Use of Funds

Funds shall be available for projects on the NHS that may include the following activities:

  • constructing safety rest areas that include commercial vehicle parking
  • constructing commercial vehicle parking facilities adjacent to commercial truck stops and travel plazas
  • opening existing facilities to commercial vehicles
  • promoting the availability of publicly or privately provided commercial vehicle parking on the NHS using ITS systems and other means
  • constructing turnouts for commercial vehicles
  • making capital improvements to public commercial vehicle parking facilities to allow year-round use
  • improve the geometric design of interchanges to improve access to parking facilities

Report to Congress

A report on the results of the pilot program shall be submitted to Congress not later than 3 years after enactment of SAFETEA-LU.

Federal Share

The Federal share is generally 80 percent, subject to the sliding scale adjustment. Certain safety improvements listed in 23 USC 120(c) have a Federal share of 100 percent.

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