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[DOCID: f:publ178.105]  
Public Law 105-178  
105th Congress  
                                 An Act  
 To authorize funds for Federal-aid highways, highway safety programs,   
     and transit programs, and for other purposes. <<NOTE: June 9,   
                         1998 -  [H.R. 2400]>>   
    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the   
United States of America in Congress assembled, <<NOTE: Transportation   
Equity Act for the 21st Century. Grants. Inter- governmental   
relations. Loans.>>   
    (a) <<NOTE: 23 USC 101 note.>>  Short Title.--This Act may be cited   
as the ``Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century''.  
    (b) Table of Contents.--The table of contents of this Act is as   
Sec. 1. Short title; table of contents.  
Sec. 2. Definitions.  
                      TITLE I--FEDERAL-AID HIGHWAYS  
                 Subtitle A--Authorizations and Programs  
Sec. 1101. Authorization of appropriations.  
Sec. 1102. Obligation ceiling.  
Sec. 1103. Apportionments.  
Sec. 1104. Minimum guarantee.  
Sec. 1105. Revenue aligned budget authority.  
Sec. 1106. Federal-aid systems.  
Sec. 1107. Interstate maintenance program.  
Sec. 1108. Surface transportation program.  
Sec. 1109. Highway bridge program.  
Sec. 1110. Congestion mitigation and air quality improvement program. 
Sec. 1111. Federal share.  
Sec. 1112. Recreational trails program.  
Sec. 1113. Emergency relief.  
Sec. 1114. Highway use tax evasion projects.  
Sec. 1115. Federal lands highways program.  
Sec. 1116. Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge.  
Sec. 1117. Appalachian development highway system.  
Sec. 1118. National corridor planning and development program. 
Sec. 1119. Coordinated border infrastructure and safety program.  
                     Subtitle B--General Provisions  
Sec. 1201. Definitions.  
Sec. 1202. Bicycle transportation and pedestrian walkways.  
Sec. 1203. Metropolitan planning.  
Sec. 1204. Statewide planning.  
Sec. 1205. Contracting for engineering and design services.  
Sec. 1206. Access of motorcycles.  
Sec. 1207. Construction of ferry boats and ferry terminal facilities. 
Sec. 1208. Training.  
Sec. 1209. Use of HOV lanes by inherently low-emission vehicles.  
Sec. 1210. Advanced travel forecasting procedures program.  
Sec. 1211. Amendments to prior surface transportation laws.  
Sec. 1212. Miscellaneous.  
Sec. 1213. Studies and reports.  
Sec. 1214. Federal activities.  
Sec. 1215. Designated transportation enhancement activities.  
Sec. 1216. Innovative surface transportation financing methods. 
Sec. 1217. Eligibility.  
Sec. 1218. Magnetic levitation transportation technology deployment
Sec. 1219. National scenic byways program.  
Sec. 1220. Elimination of regional office responsibilities.  
Sec. 1221. Transportation and community and system preservation pilot
Sec. 1222. Additions to Appalachian region.  
            Subtitle C--Program Streamlining and Flexibility  
Sec. 1301. Real property acquisition and corridor preservation.  
Sec. 1302. Payments to States for construction.  
Sec. 1303. Proceeds from the sale or lease of real property.  
Sec. 1304. Engineering cost reimbursement.  
Sec. 1305. Project approval and oversight.  
Sec. 1306. Standards.  
Sec. 1307. Design-build contracting.  
Sec. 1308. Major investment study integration.  
Sec. 1309. Environmental streamlining.  
Sec. 1310. Uniform transferability of Federal-aid highway funds.  

                           Subtitle D--Safety  
Sec. 1401. Hazard elimination program.  
Sec. 1402. Roadside safety technologies.  
Sec. 1403. Safety incentive grants for use of seat belts.  
                           Subtitle E--Finance  
Sec. 1501. Short title.  
Sec. 1502. Findings.  
Sec. 1503. Establishment of program.  
Sec. 1504. Duties of the Secretary.  
Sec. 1511. State Infrastructure Bank Pilot Program.  
                   Subtitle F--High Priority Projects  
Sec. 1601. High priority projects program.  
Sec. 1602. Project authorizations.  
Sec. 1603. Special rule.  
                        TITLE II--HIGHWAY SAFETY  
Sec. 2001. Highway safety programs.  
Sec. 2002. Highway safety research and development.  
Sec. 2003. Occupant protection.  
Sec. 2004. Alcohol-impaired driving countermeasures.  
Sec. 2005. State highway safety data improvements.  
Sec. 2006. National Driver Register.  
Sec. 2007. Safety studies.  
Sec. 2008. Effectiveness of laws establishing maximum blood alcohol
Sec. 2009. Authorizations of appropriations.  
Sec. 3001. Short title.  
Sec. 3002. Amendments to title 49, United States Code.  
Sec. 3003. Definitions.  
Sec. 3004. Metropolitan planning.  
Sec. 3005. Transportation improvement program.  
Sec. 3006. Transportation management areas.  
Sec. 3007. Urbanized area formula grants.  
Sec. 3008. Clean fuels formula grant program.  
Sec. 3009. Capital investment grants and loans.  
Sec. 3010. Dollar value of mobility improvements.  
Sec. 3011. Local share.  
Sec. 3012. Intelligent transportation systems applications.  
Sec. 3013. Formula grants and loans for special needs of elderly
individuals and individuals with disabilities.  
Sec. 3014. Formula program for other than urbanized areas.  
Sec. 3015. Research, development, demonstration, and training
Sec. 3016. National planning and research programs.  
Sec. 3017. National Transit Institute.  
Sec. 3018. Bus testing facilities.  
Sec. 3019. Bicycle facilities.  
Sec. 3020. General provisions on assistance.  
Sec. 3021. Pilot program for intercity rail infrastructure investment
from mass transit account of highway trust fund.  
Sec. 3022. Contract requirements.  
Sec. 3023. Special procurements.  
Sec. 3024. Project management oversight and review.  
Sec. 3025. Administrative procedures.  
Sec. 3026. Reports and audits.  
Sec. 3027. Apportionment of appropriations for formula grants.
Sec. 3028. Apportionment of appropriations for fixed guideway
Sec. 3029. Authorizations.  
Sec. 3030. Projects for new fixed guideway systems and extensions to
existing systems.  
Sec. 3031. Projects for bus and bus-related facilities.  
Sec. 3032. Contracting out study.  
Sec. 3033. Urbanized area formula study.  
Sec. 3034. Coordinated transportation services.  
Sec. 3035. Final assembly of buses.  
Sec. 3036. Clean fuel vehicles.  
Sec. 3037. Job access and reverse commute grants.  
Sec. 3038. Rural transportation accessibility incentive program. 
Sec. 3039. Study of transit needs in national parks and related public
Sec. 3040. Obligation ceiling.  
Sec. 3041. Adjustments for the Surface Transportation Extension Act of
                     TITLE IV--MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY  
Sec. 4001. Amendments to title 49, United States Code.  
Sec. 4002. Statement of purposes.  
Sec. 4003. State grants.  
Sec. 4004. Information systems.  
Sec. 4005. Automobile transporter defined.  
Sec. 4006. Inspections and reports.  
Sec. 4007. Waivers, exemptions, and pilot programs.  
Sec. 4008. Safety regulation.  
Sec. 4009. Safety fitness.  
Sec. 4010. Repeal of certain obsolete miscellaneous authorities.  
Sec. 4011. Commercial vehicle operators.  
Sec. 4012. Exemption from certain regulations for utility service 
commercial motor vehicle drivers.  
Sec. 4013. Participation in international registration plan and 
international fuel tax agreement.  
Sec. 4014. Safety performance history of new drivers; limitation on
Sec. 4015. Penalties.  
Sec. 4016. Authority over charter bus transportation.  
Sec. 4017. Telephone hotline for reporting safety violations.  
Sec. 4018. Insulin treated diabetes mellitus.  
Sec. 4019. Performance-based CDL testing.  
Sec. 4020. Post-accident alcohol testing.  
Sec. 4021. Driver fatigue.  
Sec. 4022. Improved flow of driver history pilot program.  
Sec. 4023. Employee protections.  
Sec. 4024. Improved interstate school bus safety.  
Sec. 4025. Truck trailer conspicuity.  
Sec. 4026. DOT implementation plan.  
Sec. 4027. Study of adequacy of parking facilities.  
Sec. 4028. Qualifications of foreign motor carriers.  
Sec. 4029. Federal motor carrier safety inspectors.  
Sec. 4030. School transportation safety.  
Sec. 4031. Designation of New Mexico commercial zone.  
Sec. 4032. Effects of MCSAP grant reductions.  
                           Subtitle A--Funding  
Sec. 5001. Authorization of appropriations.  
Sec. 5002. Obligation ceiling.  
Sec. 5003. Notice.  
                   Subtitle B--Research and Technology  
Sec. 5101. Research and technology program.  
Sec. 5102. Surface transportation research.  
Sec. 5103. Technology deployment.  
Sec. 5104. Training and education.  
Sec. 5105. State planning and research.  
Sec. 5106. International highway transportation outreach program. 
Sec. 5107. Surface transportation-environment cooperative research 
Sec. 5108. Surface transportation research strategic planning.  
Sec. 5109. Bureau of Transportation Statistics.  
Sec. 5110. University transportation research.  
Sec. 5111. Advanced vehicle technologies program.  
Sec. 5112. Study of future strategic highway research program.  
Sec. 5113. Commercial remote sensing products and spatial information
Sec. 5114. Sense of the Congress on the year 2000 problem.  
Sec. 5115. International trade traffic.  
Sec. 5116. University grants.  
Sec. 5117. Transportation technology innovation and demonstration 
Sec. 5118. Drexel University Intelligent Infrastructure Institute. 
Sec. 5119. Conforming amendments.  
             Subtitle C--Intelligent Transportation Systems  
Sec. 5201. Short title.  
Sec. 5202. Findings.  
Sec. 5203. Goals and purposes.  
Sec. 5204. General authorities and requirements.  
Sec. 5205. National ITS program plan.  
Sec. 5206. National architecture and standards.  
Sec. 5207. Research and development.  
Sec. 5208. Intelligent transportation system integration program. 
Sec. 5209. Commercial vehicle intelligent transportation system
infrastructure deployment.  
Sec. 5210. Use of funds.  
Sec. 5211. Definitions.  
Sec. 5212. Project funding.  
Sec. 5213. Repeal.  
Sec. 6101. Findings and purpose.  
Sec. 6102. Particulate matter monitoring program.  
Sec. 6103. Ozone designation requirements.  
Sec. 6104. Additional provisions.  
                        TITLE VII--MISCELLANEOUS  
              Subtitle A--Automobile Safety and Information  
Sec. 7101. Short title.  
Sec. 7102. Authorization of appropriations.  
Sec. 7103. Improving air bag safety.  
Sec. 7104. Restrictions on lobbying activities.  
Sec. 7105. Odometers.  
Sec. 7106. Miscellaneous amendments.  
Sec. 7107. Importation of motor vehicle for show or display.  
                          Subtitle B--Railroads  
Sec. 7201. High-speed rail.  
Sec. 7202. Light density rail line pilot projects.  
Sec. 7203. Railroad rehabilitation and improvement financing.  
Sec. 7204. Alaska Railroad.  
             Subtitle C--Comprehensive One-Call Notification  
Sec. 7301. Findings.  
Sec. 7302. One-call notification programs.  
               Subtitle D--Sportfishing and Boating Safety  
Sec. 7401. Short title; amendment of 1950 Act.  
Sec. 7402. Outreach and communications programs.  
Sec. 7403. Clean Vessel Act funding.  
Sec. 7404. Boating infrastructure.  
Sec. 7405. Boat safety funds.  
       Subtitle A--Transportation Discretionary Spending Guarantee  
Sec. 8101. Discretionary spending categories.  
Sec. 8102. Conforming the Paygo Scorecard with this Act.  
Sec. 8103. Level of obligation limitations.  
                     Subtitle B--Veterans' Benefits  
Sec. 8201. Short title.  
Sec. 8202. Prohibition on establishment of service-connection for  
disabilities relating to use of tobacco products.  
Sec. 8203. Twenty percent increase in rates of basic educational 
assistance under Montgomery GI Bill.  
Sec. 8204. Increase in assistance amount for specially adapted
Sec. 8205. Increase in amount of assistance for automobile and adaptive
equipment for certain disabled veterans.  
Sec. 8206. Increase in aid and attendance rates for veterans eligible
for pension.  
Sec. 8207. Eligibility of certain remarried surviving spouses for 
reinstatement of dependency and indemnity compensation upon termination of that remarriage.  
Sec. 8208. Extension of prior revision to offset rule for Department of
Defense special separation benefit program.  
Sec. 8209. Sense of the Congress concerning recovery from tobacco 
companies of costs of treatment of veterans for tobacco-related illnesses.  
              Subtitle C--Temporary Student Loan Provision.  
Sec. 8301. Temporary student loan provision.  
              Subtitle D--Block Grants for Social Services  
Sec. 8401. Block grants for social services.  
Sec. 9001. Short title; amendment of 1986 Code.  
Sec. 9002. Extension of highway-related taxes and trust fund.  
Sec. 9003. Extension and modification of tax benefits for alcohol
Sec. 9004. Modifications to Highway Trust Fund.  
Sec. 9005. Provisions relating to Aquatic Resources Trust Fund. 
Sec. 9006. Repeal of 1.25 cent tax rate on rail diesel fuel.  
Sec. 9007. Additional qualified expenses available to non-Amtrak
Sec. 9008. Delay in effective date of new requirement for approved 
diesel or kerosene terminals.  
Sec. 9009. Simplified fuel tax refund procedures.  
Sec. 9010. Election to receive taxable cash compensation in lieu of
nontaxable qualified transportation fringe benefits.  
Sec. 9011. Repeal of National Recreational Trails Trust Fund.  
Sec. 9012. Identification of limited tax benefits subject to line item
SEC. <<NOTE: 23 USC 101 note.>>  2. DEFINITIONS.  
  In this Act, the following definitions apply:  
            (1) Interstate system.--The term ``Interstate System'' has   
        the meaning such term has under section 101 of title 23, United   
        States Code.  
            (2) Secretary.--The term ``Secretary'' means the Secretary   
        of Transportation.  

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