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Transportation Performance Management


Rulemaking Stakeholder Engagement

We at FHWA are facilitating stakeholder consultation in MAP-21's performance rulemaking process in order to ensure we are working collectively with our partners across the country to achieve national performance objectives and progress regardless of resource limitations.

Activities structured to facilitate stakeholder consultation in the MAP-21's performance rulemaking process are designed to meet one of the following objectives:

  • Clarifying Performance Measure/Management Statuary Requirements;
  • Identifying Stakeholder Concerns with outlined MAP-21 Statuary Requirements;
  • Facilitating Public Comments after the publishing of the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking(NPRM) and Final Proposed Rulemaking (FPRM); and
  • Clarifying content in regulations once, they become effective.

These activities include:

  • National Online Dialogues Best described as "virtual town halls" these are designed to engage a large, diverse group of stakeholders in a dialogue on Transportation Performance Management; In addition to collecting input, stories and strategies on the selection and use of performance measures and performance management tools.

  • Pre-NPRM Targeted Listening Sessions (ongoing) These are to stakeholders an opportunity to share with USDOT any informational feedback on the technical, economic, and operational impacts associated with implementing MAP-21 performance management provisions. These sessions do not preclude or replace public comment periods mandated by rulemaking.

  • Post-NPRM/FPRM Public Comment Sessions These session are designed for FHWA to explain its position and respond to stakeholders clarifying questions. They will be segmented by topic to allow FHWA to clarify specific positions for specific topics and to allow stakeholders to ask clarifying questions about specific topics (ie. pavement or safety). Prior to the sessions stakeholders will receive instructions regarding submitting comments for consideration. FHWA will make strong efforts to identify contentious issues that need extra engagement opportunities.

Updated: 07/22/2015
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