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Transportation Performance Management

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February 2014

  1. Online Performance Dashboards
  2. Transportation Asset Management
  3. Safety
  4. Webinars, Education and Training
  5. Performance Reports
  6. Transportation Performance Management Research
  7. Innovation

1. Online Performance Dashboards

  • Virginia Department of Transportation Dashboard
    Virginia DOT - 02/09/2014
    The first three gauges refer to measures of performance of the highway system. The remaining four reflect VDOT-specific performance.

  • North Carolina DOT Performance Dashboard
    NC DOT - 02/09/2014
    The N.C. Department of Transportation is committed to measuring and improving performance. The department's Organizational Performance Dashboard serves as an indicator of how well they are meeting their mission and goals. Dashboard is updated with real-time information

  • Michigan Infrastructure Dashboard
    State of Michigan - 02/09/2014
    Dashboard tracks progress in 5 areas: Economic Growth, Safety, Accountability, Mobility, Conditions

2. Transportation Assest Management

3. Safety

  • District of Columbia Highway Safety Performance Plan FY 2014)
    DDOT - 02/09/2014
    District of Columbia Highway Safety office's Mission is to develop and maintain a cohesive sustainable transportation system that delivers safe, affordable, and convenient ways to move people and goods - while protecting and enchancing the natural, environment and cultural resources of the District

  • Maryland Highway Safety Plan FY 2014 (.pdf, 5 mb)
    Maryland MVA - 02/09/2014
    This document outlines the problems identified on Maryland's roadways through extensive data analysis and the projects that Maryland is taking to address those identified critical traffic safety needs. This planning document was created according to the new guidelines set forth by MAP-21 and outlines the MHSO's efforts to improve and increase the efficiency of our operations through a data-driven approach to traffic crash countermeasures and effective utilization of resources to impact the highest priority traffic safety programs.

  • Texas Department of Transportation Highway Safety Plan FY 2014 (pdf, 12 mb)
    Texas DOT - 02/09/2014
    Texas will implement activities in support of national highway safety goals to reduce motor vehicle related fatalities that also reflect the primary data-related crash factors within the State as identified by the State highway safety planning process, including: National law enforcement mobilizations and sustained enforcement of statutes addressing impaired driving, occupant protection, and driving in excess of posted speed limits.

4. Webinars, Education and Training

  • Let's Talk Performance Webinar: Best Practices for Collaborating to Share Data and Data Analytics
    TPM, FHWA - 02/11/2014
    WEB CONFERENCE DATE: 3/6/2014 1:00-3:00 p.m. Eastern Time
    The Federal Highway Administration would like you to join us for the next Let's Talk Performance Webinar: Best Practices for Collaborating to Share Data and Data Analytics. The webinar is Thursday, March 6, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM (EST). This event is open to FHWA staff, State DOTs, MPOs, Transit providers, and other stakeholder agencies.

    This webinar will focus on sharing best practices being applied by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI), Caltrans, and the University of Maryland Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (UMD CATT) Laboratory to alleviate data collection, storage, access, and analysis concerns related to the implementation MAP-21 performance provisions.

  • NHI 2014 List of Scheduled Web-based, Online and Instructor Led Courses on Performance Management
    NHI - 02/09/2014

  • TRB Webinar: Using Peer Exchanges to Improve the Effectiveness of a State's Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP)
    TRB - 02/09/2014
    April 7, 2014, from 2:00pm to 3:30pm ET
    Webinar Presenters will explore the information and tools that states may use to plan and conduct effective peer exchange events. Participants must register in advance of the webinar, and there is a fee for non-TRB Sponsor or non-TRB Sustaining Affiliate employees. A certificate for 1.5 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) will be provided to attendees who register and attend the webinar as an individual. Webinar presenters will describe key elements of peer exchanges and how they can be developed to improve Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) implementation and evaluation.

  • 10th National Conference on Transportation Asset Management
    TRB - 02/09/2014
    April 28-30, 2014 - Hyatt Regency, Miami, Florida
    This meeting will serve as the forum for moving MAP-21 asset management initiatives into practice and will be the venue for a wide range of federal, state, MPO/local, and transit agencies, as well as private sector practitioners and university researchers to share knowledge,sponsor peer to peer learning, and work together.

  • GMTA Annual Meeting & TransData Expo and Data Palooza
    GTMA - 02/09/2014
    June 2-4, 2014 - Hilton Reagan National Airport, Arlington, VA
    USDOT brings their successful "Data Palooza" showcase to TransData Expo providing greater access to more of tomorrow's innovations while addressing MAP-21 related safety, pavement and bridge data requirements. Data Palooza sessions focus on challenges that need to be overcome to make "better, faster, smarter" a reality.

    American Traffic Safety Services Association - 02/09/2014
    Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center San Antonio, Texas
    Convention: February 21-25, 2014
    Traffic Expo: February 23-25, 2014

5. Performance Reports

  • Michigan DOT Scorecard Performance Summary (.pdf, 0.1 mb)
    State of Michigan - 02/09/2014
    Tracking of State DOT key performance indicators, state officials and the public have access to ongoing performance data, providing the opportunity to track and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Case Study: North Carolina DOT - Development of a Performance Management System (.pdf, 1 mb)
    FHWA - 02/09/2014
    NCDOT's senior leadership identified a problem and need, and took initiative to begin building a performance management system, long before any such program would be mandated. The result has been a strong, self-driven implementation process.

  • Massachusetts Department of Transportation 2013 Annual Performance Report (.pdf, 4 mb)
    MassDOT - 02/09/2014
    MassDOT's performance management system has yielded positive results. The organization has identified its greatest challenges and has developed actionable plans to address the areas of safety, customer service and fiscal responsibility, and simultaneously, has improved employee engagement and has driven innovation beyond expectations.

  • A CFO's Handbook on Performance Management (.pdf, 1.2 mb)
    AASHTO - 02/09/2014
    This transportation finance briefing paper provides concise performance management guidance to CFOs to help increase the efficiency and use of performance measures to improve transportation agency financial management. This is a free online item for all AASHTO E-Affiliates.

6. Transportation Performance Management Research

  • Improving Work Zone Safety Through Speed Management (.pdf, 5.5 mb)
    Ohio DOT, Office of Planning & Research - 02/09/2014
    Research Report: In order to determine what impact alternative traffic control devices or modifications to the work zone have on speed reduction, various devices and methods were evaluated for their effectiveness in terms of danger to the workers and motorists safety through the use of the Ohio Research Institute for Transportation and the Environment's (ORITE's) driving simulator.

  • SHRP2 Report S2-L11-RR-1 : Evaluating Alternative Operations Strategies to Improve Travel Time Reliability (.pdf, 6.4 mb)
    TRB - 02/09/2014
    This report sets out requirements for travel time reliability within a performance-based planning process.

  • Application of a Performance Management Framework for Priced Lanes (.pdf, 1 mb)
    Texas A&M Transportation Institute - 02/09/2014
    This implementation project demonstrates how the Traffic Thermostat can be implemented for a specific project, and allowed for adjustments to the framework and implementation process based on results. This pilot focused on the I-30 managed HOV lanes. In addition, the project created a primer and user's manual to assist agencies in using the Traffic Thermostat.

7. Innovation

  • Innovative Urban Transport Concepts: Moving from Theory to Practice (.pdf, 3.2 mb)
    Niches+ - 02/09/2014
    EU funded project which studies and promotes the uptake of the most promising innovative concepts, in order to transfer them from their current "niche" position to a mainstream urban transport application.

  • Report - Creative Disruption: Exploring Innovation in Transportation
    ITS America Leadership Circle - 02/09/2014
    The ITS ecosystem includes both new and "old" innovators from three major sectors - government, private industry, and academia - and embraces the ideology that innovation is at its best when there is harmony between all three. Together, the ITS America Leadership Circle will leverage the skills of all three sectors to invent, develop, and deploy new groundbreaking solutions.

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