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Transportation Performance Management

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June 2014

  1. Online Performance Dashboards
  2. Asset Management
  3. Safety & Mobility
  4. Events, Conferences, Workshops, Webinars
  5. Performance Measures & Reports
  6. Research
  7. Proposed Ruling
  8. Transportation Pooled Fund
  9. Innovation

1. Online Performance Dashboards

2. Asset Management

  • New York State Asset Management Framework Encourages Preservation and Sustainability
    FHWA, HEP — 06/16/2014
    NYSDOT's review of its capital planning and programming process led to a fundamental shift, a reengineering, in the way NYSDOT develops, programs, and funds transportation infrastructure investments. The review led New York to create the Asset Management Framework, an organization-wide structure and process dedicated to preserving the transportation network's integrity and looking at the future function of the system.

  • Developing Formal Asset Management Plans (.pdf, 0.8 mb)
    FHWA — 06/15/2014
    This report highlights key recommendations and noteworthy practices identified at the peer exchange on Developing Formal Asset Management Plans held on February 5-6, 2014 in Columbia, South Carolina. This event was sponsored by the Transportation Planning Capacity Building (TPCB) Peer Program, which is jointly funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

3. Safety & Mobility

  • Webinar: Safety Target Setting Methodologies
    FHWA Safety — 06/16/2014
    Archived presentation of June 9, 2014 Webinar

  • North Dakota Integrates its SHSP with Other State Plans and Programs
    FHWA Roadway Safety Noteworthy Practices Database — 06/16/2014
    The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) Safety Division is responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of the State's Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP). North Dakota recently updated the SHSP using a collaborative process that included a wide range of safety stakeholders including Federal, State, local, and private sector entities. The SHSP provides an overview of traffic safety issues and trends, goals, emphasis areas, initiatives, programs, and achievements to promote traffic safety in North Dakota.

  • Transit Mobility: Projects and Publications
    Texas A&M Transportation Institute — 06/15/2014
    The following selection of projects represents the breadth of Transit Mobility Program participation in ongoing research projects and completed projects

4. Events, Conferences, Workshops, Webinars

  • 2014 TRB Tools of the Trade Transportation Conference
    TRB — 06/15/2014
    July 21-23, 2014
    Burlington, Vermont

  • Web-based Transportation Course: Performance Measures
    CITE — 06/15/2014
    This course examines various aspects of performance measurement from the characteristics of performance measures to the steps of their development process. The principles of comparative performance measurement are discussed and exemplified by the AASHTO Strategic Focus Areas and Sample Core Measures. The current state of the practice is illustrated by a description of the approaches used in several states, with special emphasis on congestion–one of the most common measures used by transportation agencies. Congestion is further explored in a case-study on the calculation of congestion in Maryland.

  • TRB Webinar: Performance Measurement for Asset Management–MAP-21 and Beyond
    TRB — 06/15/2014
    TRB will conduct a webinar on July 30, 2014, from 12:30pm to 2:00pm ET that will summarize how MAP-21 encourages state departments of transportation to develop and report on performance measures as part of their transportation asset management plan. Participants must register in advance of the webinar, and there is a fee for non-TRB Sponsor or non-TRB Sustaining Affiliate employees. A certificate for 1.5 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) will be provided to attendees who register and attend the webinar as an individual.

  • Session Recordings and Presenter Presentations for the Transportation Data Palooza held on May 9th 2013
    FHWA, TPM — 06/15/2014

  • Highway Information Seminar
    FHWA Office Highway Policy Information — 06/15/2014
    September 22-25, 2014, National Highway Institute (NHI) in Arlington, VA
    The HIS aims to address the continued demand for timely, high-quality State-reported data which is used by FHWA to: (1) determine the proper apportionment of Federal funds to the States, (2) investigate Federal highway program policy options, and (3) conduct performance monitoring.

  • 5th International Conference on Surface Transportation Financing: Innovation, Experimentation, and Exploration
    TRB — 06/15/2014
    TRB is sponsoring the 5th International Conference on Surface Transportation Financing: Innovation, Experimentation, and Exploration on July 9-11, 2014, in Irvine, California. The conference will focus on the latest research and practice in transportation finance, with an emphasis on innovative ideas from around the world. The goal is to share new ideas and practices to facilitate improved financing of transportation projects in anticipation of the extension of Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act or new federal surface transportation legislation.

  • Web Conference: (SR500A) Livability and Level of Service: Making the Connection
    NHI — 06/15/2014
    This webinar will make the connection between achieving livability and level of service as well as explore the emerging development of broad based performance metric approaches by states around the US. The roundtable format will feature brief presentations followed by a panel discussion with significant time devoted to audience questions. The goal of this webinar is to provide state DOTs and other practitioners with examples of how to make the connection between achieving livability and level of service to meet a wide range of goals in 21st Century challenges.

  • National Safety Culture Webinar
    NHI — 06/15/2014
    July 8, 2014 1:00pm-3:00pm Eastern Time
    Safety culture of organizations is different from the safety culture of the traveling public, although this distinction is not always clear. Confusion remains about what safety culture looks like, how it can be measured, and what factors influence it. Ultimately, this webinar aims to better define safety culture, clarify common misconceptions, and help the transportation community get on the same page about this concept.

  • Second External MAP 21 Planning NPRM Webinar
    FHWA — 06/15/2014
    June 24, 2014 12:00:00 PM EDT - 2:00:00 PM EDT
    This webinar has been added due to the high level of interest in the June 13th Planning NPRM webinar, and it will simply present the same content a second time to accommodate as many stakeholders as possible.

  • FHWA/AASHTO TAM Webinar #10: Approaches to Integrating Risk into TAM Programs and Plans
    AASHTO — 06/15/2014
    Wed, Jul 9, 2014 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT
    This webinar will provide a number of examples that illustrate risk in the context of asset management and the development of a transportation asset management plan (TAMP). It will emphasize risks related to the performance of the system, as reflected in MAP-21. The webinar will feature discussion of how projects that have been developed to mitigate risk may be programmed into STIPs and annual programs. Speakers from state DOTs and other organizations will also address topics including risks related to geotechnical assets, risk registers, and more.

5. Performance Measures & Reports

  • Operations Performance Measures and Management (OPMM) Program Road Map (.pdf, 0.3 mb)
    FHWA Office of Operations — 06/16/2014
    This report documents the FHWA Operations Performance Measures and Management (OPMM) Program Road Map covering the 5-year period from 2014 through 2018. The Program Road Map aligns with the following FHWA OPMM Program goals:

    • Assist internal/external stakeholders with implementing MAP-21 measure requirements and the measurement of congestion/reliability, and
    • Assist internal/external stakeholders with implementing performance management for operations.
  • Road Weather Management Performance Measures
    RITA, ITS-JPO — 06/16/2014
    Final Report — August 6, 2013
    This report documents a careful review of the original measures and identifies new measures intended to fill gaps created by recent adjustments to the program in light of new legislation, emerging programs, and refinement of program goals and activities. The result of this is an updated performance assessment document tracking continued progress in meeting each of the RWMP objectives.

  • BNSF Railroad Performance Measures
    BNSF Railway Company — 06/15/2014
    All six railroads use the same definitions to calculate their performance data,ensuring a high degree of consistency of the measurements. However, these measures are most useful for examining trends and relative changes, and least useful as absolutes.

  • CheckPoint: TRB Performance Measurement Committee (ABC30) Newsletter (Summer 2014) (.pdf, 3 mb)
    TRB — 06/15/2014

  • The Gray Notebook, May 2014 (.pdf, 4 mb)
    WSDOT — 06/15/2014
    WSDOT's quarterly performance report on transportation systems, programs, and department management

  • Guidance on Data Needs, Availability, and Opportunities for Work Zone Performance Measures (.pdf, 5 mb)
    FHWA, Office of Operations — 06/15/2014
    The purpose of this guidance document is to provide practitioners with the skills to identify current data sources (both existing data and data collected specifically for the work zone) for use in work zone performance measurement, as well as potential data sources that could be useful to work zone performance measurement in the near future. This document is also intended to assist practitioners in determining how to select and compute useful work zone performance measures, given the data sources available to them.

  • Understanding Road Network Needs through Performance Measurement and Monitoring
    Inframanage — 06/15/2014
    Video presentation by Dr.Theuns Henning at University of Waterloo, Davis Centre was based on the Performance Measurement and Monitoring material prepared with his colleagues Dr. Seosamh Costello and Prof. Susan Tighe.

6. Research

  • FHWA research could improve visibility, safety for snowplow operators
    Better Roads — 06/15/2014
    FHWA is working to produce an advanced, low-cost snowplow visual guidance system that would allow snow fighters to safely operate snowplows in conditions with low- to zero-visibility.

  • SHRP2 Reliability Project L04: Incorporating Reliability Performance Measures in Operations and Planning Modeling Tools (.pdf, 5 mb)
    TRB — 06/15/2014
    Prepublication Draft
    TRB's second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP 2) Reliability Project L04 has released a prepublication, non-edited version of a report titled Incorporating Reliability Performance Measures in Operations and Planning Modeling Tools that explores the underlying conceptual foundations of travel modeling and traffic simulation, and provides practical means of generating realistic reliability performance measures using network simulation models.

  • Final Report: Two Level Approach to Safety Planning Incorporating the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) Network Screening (.pdf, 10 mb)
    University of Central Florida, Department of Civil, Environmental & Construction Engineering — 06/15/2014
    Compared to microscopic safety studies, macroscopic-focused research is more efficient at integrating zonal-level features into crash prediction models and identifying hot zones. However, macroscopic screening has accuracy limitations. Thus, this study developed a new integrated screening approach to overcome the above-mentioned shortcomings of current screening techniques and to achieve a balance between efforts towards accuracy and efficiency.

7. Proposed Ruling

  • June 2, 2014 FRN: Guidance for MPOs serving TMAs (.pdf, 0.2 mb)
    US Government Printing Office — 06/15/2014
    New deadline: June 30, 2014
    FHWA – notice that FHWA is extending the comment period on the proposed rule addressing Highway Safety Improvement Program performance measures, etc. This is in response to an AASHTO request.

  • Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (Nprm)
    Federal Register — 06/15/2014
    The FHWA and the FTA are jointly issuing this NPRM to propose revisions to the regulations governing the development of metropolitan transportation plans and programs for urbanized areas, State transportation plans and programs, and the congestion management process. Comments by Sept. 2, 2014

8. Transportation Pooled Fund

  • Recently Added Solicitation and Studies to Transportation Pooled Fund Program
    TPF — 06/16/2014

  • Study Number – TPF-5(303) -2015 Performance Measures Technical Transfer Conference and Asset Management Peer Exchange
    TPF — 06/16/2014
    Section 1203 of the MAP-21 stipulates USDOT to promulgate performance measures in the areas of the National Highway Performance Program (NHPP), Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ), and the National Freight Movement (Freight) within 18 months after the date of enactment of the MAP-21. State DOTs are tasked with developing performance measures plans, which include asset management plans. The focus of this pooled fund project will be in the area of the NHPP.

    The focus of this pooled fund project will be in the area of NHPP. The primary activities of this pooled fund project are technology exchange, information sharing, and the facilitation of partnering relationships among state agencies, AASHTO, FHWA and other appropriate associates.

9. Innovation

  • INDOT testing technology to improve work zone safety and flow
    Fox 59 — 06/15/2014
    Officials with the Indiana Department of Transportation are testing a new way to apply tracking technology to improve safety and traffic flow through construction zones.

  • US Government Taps RideScout for Transportation Disruption Ideas
    In The Capital — 06/15/2014
    The U.S. Department of Transportation named RideScout as a winner of its Data Innovation Challenge on Tuesday for its work creating an app to aggregate transportation options.

  • Blimps Will Soon Hover Over US Highways and Monitor Traffic Around the Clock
    Motherboard — 06/15/2014
    United States is getting its first traffic-monitoring blimp. Ohio DOT purchased a $200,000 "Blimp in a Box". The blimp can be quickly moved from place to place–it's attached to a trailer that can be hauled behind a police car and can be moved by car while it's still in the air. And, unlike most drones, it can stay in the air for many hours at a time, providing a persistent eye in the sky.

  • Virginia Beach Finishes Model to Predict Traffic Effects
    PilotOnline.com — 06/15/2014
    The city has taken a leap forward in its ability to predict the impact of road projects on its traffic network with the completion of a computer model that its developers say is almost unrivaled in the country in scope and precision.

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