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FHWA 2018 Highway Information Seminar

October 29-November 2, 2018
National Highway Institute (NHI), Arlington, VA

The 2018 HIS will provide the latest guidance, procedures, and new requirements in areas of Federal-aid highway program’s Federal data needs and reporting. These areas include the FHWA 500 Series data (financing, vehicles, licensed drivers, and fuel), fuel tax evasion program, heavy vehicle use tax program, traffic monitoring and data, truck-weigh-in-motion data, travel behavior data, transportation performance management data, and highway performance and monitoring data.

Professional involved in such data collection, processing, and reporting at both state agencies and FHWA division offices are invited to attend. There is no registration fee.

The 2018 HIS will be carried out in a similar format to that of 2017 (last year). On Monday (10/29/2018), the Office will provide optional one-on-one or group training. Topics may cover Financing data 101, Mini TMG (Traffic Monitoring Guide), HPMS 101, and Performance Management Data 101 (make sure you indicate whether you are interested in any such session(s) during registration).

On Tuesday (10/30/2018), the entire day will be devoted to FHWA 500 Series data which covers financing, vehicles, licensed drivers, and fuel, fuel tax evasion program, and heavy vehicle use tax program.

On Wednesday (10/31/2018), performance management data, traffic monitoring and travel behavior data and procedures will be covered.

On Thursday (11/1/2018), the entire day will be devoted to reporting requirements and procedures on highway performance and monitoring data.

On Friday (11/2/2018), a portion/the entire day will be set aside for a FHWA Division Office staff meeting (details to be announced later).


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