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2024 Highway Information Seminar

December 2 – 6, 2024

1:00 PM – 5:00 PM ET each day

The Highway Information Seminar (HIS) is a virtual event that provides training on the latest data needs as related to the Federal-Aid highway program to State and local agency personnel and FHWA Division employees who are responsible for collecting, processing and submitting data and information to the FHWA. Specifically, data needs, technical and policy directives, methods and approaches in dealing with data collection, processing and submitting will be presented and discussed.

The audience for this seminar are state and local agency employees and FHWA Division personnel.

The objective of the webinar is to make the Federal-Aid highway program more efficient, transparent and accountable through accurate and timely data.

HIS 2024 Basic Agenda
EST Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday EST
1 PM Plenary Motor Fuel &
Monitoring &
1 PM
2 PM Data Analytics &
2 PM
3 PM Motor Fuel &
Monitoring &
3 PM
4 PM Plenary 4 PM

Registration will be posted in May 2024 and detailed agenda will be posted in August 2024.

The 2023 Highway Information Seminar was held 12/4/2023 to 12/8/2023. The recordings and presentations are posted on here: https://usdot.sharepoint.com/sites/fhwa-HIS. If you don’t have access to this site, please contact Terrence Beltz with your name, agency and work email.

Contact Information

Terrence Beltz, Terrence.Beltz@dot.gov


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