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FHWA Unknown Foundations Summit

Welcoming remarks

Tuesday November 15, 2005

Khamis Haramy, conference chairman opened the conference by giving an overview of the conference objectives and focus. He asked the audience to introduce themselves. At this point it became apparent that a well diverse audience were present. Over 25 State DOT's were represented as well as practitioners, academia, and consultants and FHWA representatives. Mr. Haramy encouraged the attendees to provide information as well as receive it. Mr. Haramy asked Mr. Larry Smith, the Division Engineer at CFLHD in Lakewood, CO, to welcome the attendees on behalf of FHWA.

Larry Smith: It is my pleasure to represent FHWA to welcome you to this summit on unknown foundations today and tomorrow. I see there is considerable interest with representation from many perspectives to address what is a national problem. We have over 86,000 bridges, of one in seven, it is not known what is holding it up, or with unknown foundation, and it is essential to find solutions. In order to make economical and proper decisions regarding rehabilitation alternatives it is necessary to know what is there and what condition it is in. This forum offers the opportunity to take the next step in solving the problem.

There is a need for information exchange, and I therefore commend the objectives of this summit to:

  • Provide an open forum for discussion among the multi-disciplinary and knowledgeable key players to assess our SOA and SOP capabilities, and to
  • Begin developing strategies to manage further initiatives in this area.

Thank you for coming together to share your time and knowledge in solving the national problem of unknown foundations. I know everyone will work to achieve the objectives of this summit over the next two days. Leaving you in the care of Khamis Haramy assures me you will be successful.

Haramy introduced Mr. Mark Leonard, Colorado Department of Transportations (CDOT), State Bridge Engineer, and asked him to welcome the attendees on behalf of CDOT.

Mark Leonard: Welcome, and we are glad to have this event in Colorado. The Unknown Foundations Topic is interesting to CDOT. Unknown Foundations not really on radar of upper management but us in infrastructure are aware of shortcomings in this area. example of bridge. Available bridge Information wasn't good, and the confidence in the available information was not too high. It is important to keep list, tell maintenance to keep eye on it, every spring go out and check the maintenance records. A partially satisfactory and expensive solution.

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