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Geometric and Roadside Design Program

Division Office Design Engineer
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The Geometric and Roadside Design Engineer (Design Engineer) is responsible for providing statewide program direction and management in the project development (project, location, design, access management, and contract ad and award) aspects of the Federal-aid highway program (Title 23, U.S.C.). The Design Engineer also has authority to review and approve the Statewide Design Manual and Standard Plans.

The Design Engineer is responsible and accountable for promoting innovative design concepts and marketing related, new product and technology developments to improve the quality of transportation facilities. The Design Engineer exercises leadership and broad discretion for the project development programs on a statewide basis. In doing so, the Design Engineer represents the Division Administrator to high-level representatives from the Washington DOT, Resource Center and Headquarters, transportation industry groups, other Federal agencies, State and local agencies, universities, and private citizens. The Design Engineer sets Division policy in his/her area of responsibility.

The Design Engineer works with FHWA customers to continually improve the quality of programs, products, processes, and services in each his or her areas of expertise while meeting legislative intent.


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Access Management

State Design Manual Information


The following website link connects to Design information in the following areas: Access; Agreements; Computer-aided Engineering; Design Policy, Standards, and Safety Research; Hydraulics; Project Development; Right of Way Plans; Roadside and Site Development; Standard Plans; Value Engineering, Design Publications; and other Design Links.

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