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Basic Pavement Warranty Workshop

DRAFT Agenda

Background: FHWA has developed and is offering a one-day workshop for presentation at the request of States.

Audience: The recommended audience should include mid-level managers who are familiar with and work in the materials, specifications and construction fields, as well as Industry and Bonding company representatives. It is recommended that the audience should be limited to 30 participants to facilitate group discussions.

Objective: FHWA's objective is to provide basic guidance on the benefits and use of pavement warranties and provide technical support to the states and discuss program details.

Workshop Flyer: FHWA has developed a Warranty flyer (Word, 0.5 mb) to assist the States in the advertisement the workshop.

Workshop Agenda:

  • Module 1:
    The initial module defines warranties and the applicability to transportation projects. Definitions for the two types of pavement warranties are presented. This workshop primarily discusses performance warranties.
  • Module 2:
    This module presents the history of warranties in the US and internationally and details the differences in pavement warranties.
  • Module 3:
    This module discusses the myths and facts regarding warranties as well as an introduction of the advantages and disadvantages of warranties. Objectives and cost considerations for agencies use of warranties are discussed. Federal perspective and requirements are presented and identified.
  • Module 4:
    This module describes the development process and introduces the twelve (12) components of warranty specifications. It details procedures for establishing pavement distresses, thresholds & remedial action in addition to acceptance criteria for both HMA and PCC pavements. The six basic building blocks for developing a warranty program are presented.
  • Module 5:
    This module details the development of the components of pavement warranty specifications. The key elements for pavement warranty specifications include agency, contractor quality control procedures, and the pavement management systems to provide objective data.
  • Module 6:
    This module details the benefits and risks of Material and Workmanship warranties and Performance warranties. The importance of inclusion of all parties (agency, industry, bonding and federal) is demonstrated in addition to the challenges that warranties present.
  • Module 7:
    This module details agency verification of the pavement performance and acceptance procedures. The criteria used to evaluate the performance of the pavement are a critical element in the program.
  • Module 8:
    The final module details issues that should be considered prior to an agency committing to a warranty program.
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Updated: 09/15/2015
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