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Federal Highway Administration
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20590

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1200 New Jersey Avenue SE
Washington, D.C. 20590
Fax Number: 202-493-2070

Office of Asset Management, Pavement, and Construction (HIAP-1)
Name Title Telephone
hari.kalla@dot.gov Hari Kalla Director 202-366-6377
Brenda.Pressley@dot.gov Brenda Pressley Staff Assistant 202-366-0392
Pavement Design and Analysis Team (HIAP-10)
Name Title Telephone
gina.ahlstrom@dot.gov Gina Ahlstrom Team Leader 202-366-4612
 Vacant Concrete Pavement Engineer 202-366-1286
Jim.Grove.ctr@dot.gov Jim Grove Consultant 515-294-5988
Jagan.M.Gudimettla.ctr@dot.gov Jagan Gudimettla Consultant 202-366-1335
tom.yu@dot.gov Tom Yu Pavement Programs Engineer 202-366-1198
Materials and Quality Assurance Team (HIAP-20)
Name Title Telephone
john.bukowski@dot.gov John Bukowski Team Leader 202-366-1287
 Vacant Pavement Materials Engineer
matthew.corrigan@dot.gov Matthew Corrigan Asphalt Pavement Engineer 202-366-1549
Mary.Echeverria.ctr@dot.gov Mary Echeverria Consultant 202-366-0484
amir.golalipour.ctr@dot.gov Amir Golalipour Consultant 202-366-3982
chuck.paugh@dot.gov Chuck Paugh Consultant 202-366-6640
sam.tyson@dot.gov Sam Tyson Concrete Pavement Engineer 202-366-1326
jeff.withee@dot.gov Jeff Withee Pavement Design Engineer 202-366-6429
Construction Management Team (HIAP-30)
Name Title Telephone
bryan.cawley@dot.gov Bryan Cawley Team Leader 202-366-1333
jason.harrington@dot.gov Vacant Asphalt Pavement Engineer 202-366-1576
Romeo.Garcia@dot.gov Romeo Garcia Bridge and Tunnel Construction Engineer 202-366-1342
Donna.Harris.ctr@dot.gov Donna Harris Consultant 202-366-7172
antonio.nieves@dot.gov Antonio Nieves Construction Engineer 202-366-4597
Christopher.Schneider@dot.gov Chris Schneider Construction and System Preservation Engineer 202-493-0551
Asset Management Team (HIAP-40)
Name Title Telephone
stephen.gaj@dot.gov Stephen Gaj Team Leader 202-366-1336
max.grogg@dot.gov Max Grogg Pavement Performance and Implementation Engineer 515-233-7306
Nastaran.Saadatmand@dot.gov Nastaran Saadatmand Asset Management Program Manager 202-366-1337
thomas.van@dot.gov Tom Van Pavement Management Engineer 202-366-1341
Updated: 10/21/2015
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