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Cold In-place Recycling (CIR)

Survey Summary

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1. State 2. Contact Person 3. Does your State have an interest in CIR of HMA? 4. Does your State currently use CIR?
1 Alabama Gary M. Brunson PHONE: (334)206-2306 Not at this point in time No
3 Arkansas Jerry R. Westerman, Materials Engineer, (501) 569-2365, Not at this time. The majority of the "recycling" that has been performed recently is either the rubblization of existing PCCP pavement for use as a base course for ACHM overlay on interstates and the use of RAP (typically no more than 15%) combined with virgin materials in ACHM mix designs. Currently, there are no projects using CIR using the expanded definition of CIR by the Department.
4 Colorado Jay Goldbaum @ 303-757-9449 Yes Yes
5 Connecticut Joseph Varhue Yes (town Aid Work) (Rural town Roads)
6 Delaware Jim Pappas Yes Yes
7 Florida Gale Page Tel. 352-955-2903 Not at the present time based on previous experience and capabilities of the technology. No.
8 Hawaii Garret Okada No No
9 Idaho Mike Santi, Pavement Development Engineer, Yes Yes
10 Illinois Eric Harm, No No
11 Iowa Mike Heitzman 515-239-1003 YES YES
12 Kansas Lon Ingram Yes Yes
13 Kentucky Allen H. Myers, P. E. We would be interested to review information from successful CIR projects in other states. No
14 Louisiana Luanna Cambas, LADOTD Construction, 225-379-1536 low No
15 Maine Rick Bradbury (207) 941-4597 Yes Yes
16 Maryland Larry Michael Not in the State Highway System Not in the State System, however, several local governments have used .
17 *Maryland - Frederick County* Lori Kessler, Project Manger 301-694-1487 Yes, Frederick County does ** Please note that: State of Maryland does not use CIR as a repair strategy, however Frederick County, Maryland does. Yes, Frederick County does
18 Massachusetts Clement W. Fung Research and Materials Engineer
MassHighway Department
Ten Park Plaza, Room 7410
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 973-8440
Yes No
19 Mississippi Sheffield, Richard H. <>   MDOT does not use CIR, and there is no one working with the Department now that can remember doing a project. I think the last job we did was back in the mid '70s, and it fell apart after a year, so it has never been brought up again.
20 Missouri Mark Shelton Yes No. Specification has been developed and one project prepared for letting.
21 Montana Jon Watson Yes Yes
22 Nebraska Rober Rea Yes Yes
23 Nevada Sohila Bemanain, Assistant Chief Materials Engineer Yes Yes
24 New Hampshire Alan Rawson Yes Yes
25 New Jersey Eileen Sheehy (609) 530-2307 No No
26 New Mexico John H. Tenison, P.E., State Materials Bureau Chief, New Mexico Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 1149, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504, Work: (505) 827-981, Cell: (505) 490-1536, Fax: (505) 827-5649 Yes Yes
27 New York Brad Allen, NYSDOT - Materials Bureau, 50 Wolf Road POD 34, Albany, NY 12232, , (518) 457-4589 Yes Yes
28 North Carolina Cecil L. Jones 919.733.7411 NCDOT does not currently use CIR and at this time has a greater interest and on-going projects utilizing HIP (hot-in-place recycling) instead. No
30 Oklahoma Reynolds Toney Interested in results of survey No
31 Ontario Yes - we have carried out over 30 contracts. Yes
32 Pennsylvania Dean Maurer, Bituminous Testing Engr. 717-787-5229(Phone) or Yes Yes
33 South Carolina Merrill Zwanka or Chad Hawkins Not at this time No
34 South Dakota Gill L Hedman, Pavement Design Engineer, 605-773-5503, Yes Yes - we have completed @ 350 + miles of CIR
35 Tennesee Brian Egan Yes, if it can be cost effective and competitive with hot mix. There is some interest at the county level as well. No , not at this time
36 Texas Dale Rand, P.E. (512)506-5836 No Very Low usage
  Utah Gary Kuhl Pavement Engineer 801-964-4552 Yes Yes
37 Vermont Mike Hedges, 802-244-8103, Yes Yes
38 Virginia Thomas R. Tate, PE @ Yes No
39 Washington Jeff Uhlmeyer, WSDOT Pavement Design Engineer, 360-709-5485 Yes, we have performed CIR since the early 1980's Yes, one or two projects per year
40 West Virginia Larry Barker, Not at this time No
41 Wisconsin John Volker Yes Very Little
42 Wyoming Rick Harvey, State Materials Engineer, , 307-777-4476 Limited Interest No
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Updated: 02/20/2015

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